Could you share a message about the near future, let’s say the coming year in time on earth, which people need to hear? 

Yes. Have  you ever noticed that when the sun is shining and you walk on the road, it’s possible to walk in the shadow or to walk in the sun?

What we would like to give everyone as a message for the new year is to walk on the bright side of your life. Walk in the sun, not in the shadow.

You always have the possibility to choose where you want to walk on your path of life. 

And we suggest that you look carefully 

where you will find the sun, 

where you will find the joy, 

where there are people with joy in their heart, love in their heart,

where there is no fear, 

where there is community, 

where there is laughter, 

where there is the feeling of sharing and carrying each other in light,

where there is happiness, 


where you stimulate each other to bring out the best of you, 

where there is thankfulness for all that you have, the beauty of nature and the beauty of each other, 

where there is singing and dancing, 

where there is music, 

where there are whispers of your soul. 

Walk on the bright side.
It’s much easier than you might think, because of what you have learned before. 

Your natural state is to walk on the bright side, to grow towards the light. 

And like flowers you bloom explicitly in the light of the sun. 

So enjoy the beautiful sun, the light of source and the light of your beautiful soul.

Yvette Visser

AGAPE Universal Love

Om ons allemaal heen bevindt zich een veld van universele liefde, waar onze gidsen wijze woorden influisteren en helende energie pulseert. Met onze channelings, prayers en meditaties willen we zoveel mogelijk mensen bekrachtigen in nog meer bewustzijn, liefde en gezondheid.

Regelmatig organiseren we een live channeling in Zoom, waar ruimte is voor persoonlijke vragen. Daarnaast organiseren we live channelings en prayers via Zoom en werken we aan online pakketten en programma’s (journey’s) om dieper in te zoomen op specifieke thema’s en groepen lichtwezens. Bekijk het actuele aanbod.