People are not treated equally. In the past activism has played a role to get more equal rights. Could you share your wisdom about the need of activism for equal rights in this moment of time since humankind goes through a process of more awareness and a raise of consciousness anyway.

A: Envision that humanity as a whole is walking on a path. 

The soul of humanity wants to grow and all forces are in place to let that happen in a natural flow.

So the frequency of the earth, all influences of the light, of the sun, of the stars, of the planets, the whole universe is growing, developing, changing. 

And in the meantime, there are different dimensions. 

When you look at the dimension in which activism takes place, you can see that there are souls on earth that jumped into their lives, because they felt there was a call for them to do something about the awakening of people on earth. Because they have the feeling that it is not going fast enough. 

And they are sparkles that are part of the whole plan to create growth. 

So you could say that it is partly important for the soul of the person that is an activist to experience how it is to be an activist with all the forces that you encounter in that role. 

But those activists are also important because they play a role in the lives of others. 

Others that have opinions and feelings about activism. It might create awareness or anger or annoyment. And that is exactly what is needed for those people. 

To answer your question we could say that everything takes place at once. 

Yes, if there would be no activists there will be a change of consciousness anyway, because of all the changes in the whole universe that will lead humanity constantly towards a next level. 

And on the other hand, to come to the next level it’s important from the inside of humanity to have a certain consciousness and a kind of warriors that make other people aware. 

But only the ones that feel this innate are the ones who are the true activists. 

All the ones who do this because they do it for someone else or because they feel fear, are not the ones who will change the world. 

However, they will have their personal experiences that are important. 

So in the end, the answer is always: all is well. 

And you can always choose to do nothing or to do everything, but there is an inner flame in each and every person that has a drive to change.
Like plants that grow or flowers that bloom, it is natural that every human uses this flame to burn his soul fire and share whatever he wants to bring on earth. 

However, because of fear, shame, doubts, blame or survival patterns it is possible that the flame is no longer burning. 

And if that is the case, that is also the right experience. 

It might be good to know for the activists that they are not alone, because sometimes to be a warrior can cost a lot. 

You are fighting a system that often is bigger than you are.

Your message is more important than the results that you see. 

And it is important to know that you do that for the experience of your soul. If you do the things you have to do and you live the life that you ‘have’ to live on earth, your frequency will be high. And by knowing that you are not alone, you release the responsibility of being too much of a fighter. 

So ask us, the angels, your guides, the light beings, the earth, to help you towards the direction that you feel that humanity has to follow. 

We do have more influence when we work together and for us it is important to work with the humans that are living on earth, because there is a manifestation power in humans themselves that we are not able to use or give. 

Working together will be like a flame that is ignited and will burn much stronger than when you will do it on your own or we do it on our own. 

So this connection is very important to see the change you like to see on this earth.

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