Could you share your wisdom about the animals on earth? How do we communicate with them? And how could they exist joyfully? 

A: Imagine you are the God the way ‘he’ has often been visualized in this culture.
Imagine that you create the earth in seven days. You create human beings, animals, nature, water, air, all elements. You create a paradise on earth with different kinds of human beings and different kinds of animals and they all live together peacefully. 

All that is needed is available and there is a lot of love.
The animals keep nature in balance. They serve the earth, together with humans. Animals and humans are totally equal and all of them play a role. 

Like there can be love between human beings, there also can be love between human beings and animals. Nature talks about the many colors of love that exist. 

And if you are lucky, you have experienced the love of animals. 

It means unconditional love, because so many animals are still able to give unconditional love. But at some point humans chose the path of superiority. 

Animals have been here for years, for centuries, to wake people up. 

These days there are a lot of people aware of animal abuse and see it as one of the most terrible acts. 

Most animal abuse comes from unawareness, unconsciousness of people and therefore it is part of the game. In this game of life even animals choose to play that role, like some humans also play roles which you find terrible. 

And yes, how beautiful would it be if those roles wouldn’t be necessary anymore. 

Every human who looks in the eyes of an animal and sees love, has the choice to not abuse animals any longer and to not eat them anymore, except when it happens in a natural balance, like wildlife works. 

Balance, love, harmony. 

Let animals lead humans to love. 

Humans can be totally in love with their pets, but at the same time totally cold-hearted with other animals and nature. 

The only way to change this is to raise consciousness.
You can contribute by opening the field of light with others at the same time and by setting your intention to wake people up to really see animals. By imagining people looking in the eyes of an animal and making the choice to decide to stop mistreating animals.

By seeing clearly how much you love all animals, by imagining animals as free beings and humans as free beings and by honoring the love and respect for nature. 

Many of you feel this world of love as their deepest longing.
That is why you are here and you can contribute to make this wish come true. 

The collective needs a shift in consciousness and everyone can help. 

Above all, send your love and compassion to all animals who suffer. When you do this, you relieve their suffering and you open the hearts of people who cannot do this by themselves. 

And open your heart via the animals that are close to you. 

When you feel love for them, pass that love on via your animal to all other animals of the same kind that suffer or to other kinds of animals. 

Make use of the light network that exists between humans and animals to bring healing, love and compassion into the system. 

You have so much more power than you think.

You are the ones who can bring the change by connecting with the minds of others to wake them up via their hearts. By imagining that the hearts of people burst open spontaneously and they all of a sudden realize what they are actually doing and see that
every animal is a living being of love, 

every tree a living being of love 

and every human a living being of love. 

Just like you. 

AGAPE Universal Love

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