Could you tell us more about the field of dark and light, on the earth but also in the universe as a whole?

A: You mean the game of day and night, the sun and the moon, the duality and all universal powers connected with the big game. 

The game of creation, with all its possibilities. 

When you assume there is one big source: the source of everything and nothing, where everything exists, but nothing has been formed yet. 

Where all dark and light is present. 

And the universe is on a journey, a journey of creation where humans and earth are only a small part. 

Like people are a reflection of source and all its possibilities, the universe is a reflection of source and all its possibilities. 

So there is dark and light in the universe, its planets, its stars and in everything in between. 

It is a game. A game of magnetic powers, a game of creation. 

It may be interesting to know that light has so many frequencies. From dark – no light – to a lot of light, let’s say hundred percent. 

So, dark is also light. 

Just like white has all colors in it, black has all in it. 

It’s the judgment about black or white, that makes one of them good and the other wrong. 

But actually all is a form of light, more, or less light. 

Everything is connected and everything influences everything else. 

So yes, forces outside of the earth which influence the earth have an impact on us – just take a look at the sun and the moon. 

The influence of the stars, the influence of so many beings.

There are many beings with much light and beings with less light. 

And there is the divine mother who loves all, like only a mother can. 

Imagine how the divine mother embraces all with her arms.
When you’re part of this game and you think you are influenced, because there is a reflection of darkness in the world, which is actually a reflection of yourself, because everything is connected, it’s so important to connect with the divine mother. 

With her there is no room for duality, there is only light in its highest form, without any form of darkness. 

And all of you can feel this source of love and light, where you are seen totally, where everything is okay and where you are embraced by the biggest heart. 

It will make sure that you can stand in your own light again. 

Worrying about all the different forces that exist won’t help, because your mind will never understand how this all works. 

With your heart connected to the divine mother will feel as a warm embrace with so much love and light.You will feel this power in yourself by connecting with her. 

It’s also the force which brings more light in your body via your soul. 

And of course it is also important to connect with Mother Earth, your source of existence. Look at her as your earthly mother. She is also going through different stages. 

So instead of understanding it all, the most beautiful present you can give yourself is the connection with the highest form of light. 

The connection with Mother Earth to acknowledge you are here and to feel safe in your physical body, connected with her.

And to choose deeply to be here and to live here, in all duality. 

If you accept duality in whatever form it exists, you won’t feel resistance anymore. You can be with anything.
Then you don’t have to change things in the outside world. 

Just make your light stronger. 

That brings happiness, that brings love. 

And one of the best ways of doing this is by feeling compassion. 

When you open your heart for every human on earth who could use this, you are the divine mother for someone else. Then your own light will shine brighter. 

The compassionate heart is the key to bring more light to this world.

AGAPE Universal Love

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