There are people on Earth who are here for the first time. They came from other planets. Could you share your wisdom about them? Where do they go when they leave their bodies? Is that the same place as other people on Earth? 

You can answer this question differently, depending from which perspective you look at this. 

If your perspective is the 3D perspective, where there is time and space, you imagine yourself that there are places where you can be.
You can be physically on Earth, you can be in your light body ‘in heaven’, you can be in a kind of body connected to a certain planet or star…

Whereas when you look at it in a higher dimensional view, it is not that much connected to a physical place or time. Since whenever you are in higher dimensions or soul level dimensions, it is possible to be at more places at the same time. 

A part of your soul is – let’s say – traveling through space and time to be in a certain dimension to have certain experiences. 

And there are a lot of starseeds that have always been connected to the same stars and planets, that are now attracted to take part in this awakening on Earth. 

However, it is not like you are different from them, if you had more lifetimes on Earth. 

Maybe we could see the soul of every living being in this universe as a diamond with a lot of facets. And it is possible for a soul to choose wherever you want to have an experience in a certain facet of your soul. 

And all those facets can be different planets, stars, dimensions, just whatever you would like to experience to grow. 

If you see your soul as a diamond, it is also possible that you have a soul connection with others, with whom you also form a diamond together and then all the different souls are the different facets. 

Every soul is having experiences that contribute to the oversoul of all souls connected. 

So you can imagine that this is a system in a system in a system, until you reach oneness, one soul of all living beings in the universe. 

It is all about having experiences and to grow. 

So to answer your question, it is possible that there are now people living in physical bodies that have not had an experience yet on Earth. And they were called to be here. 

Your question is: ‘where do they go from here?’

But it is not really like going somewhere, it is all there at the same time, at the same place and the same space, because ‘time and space’ is a three dimensional concept. 

So when you take this 3D concept out of the picture for a moment, and you know that everything is one, there are countless experiences in an infinite number of beings with infinite facets within this unity.

And whenever a being wants to explore something new, it is always possible, which makes it an infinite expansion of all living beings in this universe. 

And all together all these living beings are also the universe. 

So it is actually not a matter of going somewhere as it is transforming into different stages or reconnecting to the soul. 

Eventually the oneness wanted to have experiences to expand itself and every being is a spark of that. 

Because of the magnetic forces, beings are attracted to have experiences at a certain place as you could call it. So the Earth is a magnet to attract facets of souls that can help her to transform as a living being, within the universe to have her own experiences. 

And people can attract each other, so that they can have experiences their soul would like to have for example on Earth or the Pleiades or Sirius. 

And the forms a soul can choose to embody can differ endlessly and expand infinitely.

So in the end, where do all beings go? Into this infinite field of universal love, where you can feel the oneness, where you know that you are connected and you know that you are one with all. 

AGAPE Universal Love

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