A lot of people feel angry about their political leaders at this moment. Could you share your wisdom about that? 

Could you remember yourself as a child,
sitting in the classroom and getting angry, because the teacher or another child did something which felt like injustice? 

That you felt the powerlessness of not being able to change it?
That you couldn’t do much about it? 

Maybe you had an explosion of anger or sadness, because you had to tolerate all this. 

As a child there are so many things to tolerate which do not match with your system. 

Because you are put in a system that decides for you and not the other way around. 

A lot of parents raise their children this way, preparing you for the system where you take part in wistfully. 

They protect you from difficult phases and opposition this way. Each parent acts like that out of love and every parent does it again. That is why the system is being created over and over again. 

If you feel like getting triggered by the political leaders in this world and you feel powerlessness or injustice, then it’s actually your inner child getting triggered. The child in the classroom who has to sit neatly and has to behave well, because they know what is best for you, but everything in you says it has to be different. 

How can you make sure it changes? 

It’s important to know you are not a child anymore, but an adult, a soul, an essence, and that there is nobody who decides for you, as long as these persons don’t get into your mind.

Be aware of the fact that when you are present in your heart, where your truth resides, where there is justice, where your knowing and wisdom are, that you know exactly what is best for you and which path to follow.  

And know that you are able to choose your own path.
The only thing that may happen is that you are seen as the difficult child in the classroom and people find you stubborn, because you don’t take part in the system anymore. 

You have to be brave for that.
You have to be brave to take your own leadership and to decide about your own life. 

What is necessary is that your mind steps aside, because it has been educated by the system. 

You may still hear the little voice in your head that says you will be punished if you don’t do what you’ve been told. 

But when you don’t believe in that system anymore, there is nothing to be angry about. Then you will be able to see that they play a game of power and powerlessness.
A game you can escape from, because you have your own sovereignty.

You will be challenged, not getting the ease, the comfort and the confirmation from the system and the people in it. 

But what a joy you will feel and what a love for yourself, because you follow your own heart and you don’t respond as the child and the parent. 

You step out of the child role and you decide to live as an adult. 

And by not judging others or telling them how it should be, you also step out of the parent role. 

The old role of the educator who says: “I know better than you”. 

You step into the role of an adult, of equality and of a human being that is sovereign and is able to choose for him or herself. 

This is YOUR life. 

From the beginning to the end this is YOUR life and your soul has chosen to be here and to live the life that fits. 

If you see it as a game and your life as paradise on earth where you can test all the rules of the game, you will notice that you will feel much lighter. That is because the universe carries you then instead of the system. 

You could see a system that decides for you as surrogate parents. But when you live from your essence, you listen to your soul, you connect with source and you make sure your heart works together with your third eye, with visualization, with your wishes, then the universe will collaborate with you to create where you believe in. 

We ask you to experience this together, to feel the joy together and to celebrate the freedom together that it gives you. To live from your own truth and deep knowing, full of love and compassion, also to the ones in the system.
To live in full joy.

AGAPE Universal Love

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