Which message do humans need to hear at this moment?

Let’s give you a metaphor.
Can you imagine that you are standing in front of a lake and that lake is a metaphor for your consciousness. 

We would like to ask you to dive into that lake and be under water. 

Take a look around you to see what you see. 

See if the water is clear or troubled, if there is sand in the water, is it stirred, muddy? Are there any plants or fish? Is the sun radiating through the surface?
How far can the sun reach?
How deep is your lake? 

At this moment it’s not important to look at the lakes of other people and how they treat their own lakes. The only thing that is important is to look within your lake and see if there is still any troubled water, if there might be not enough oxygen for fish or plants to live there.

How is your self care? How much is your attention directed to your lake instead of the lakes of others?

Know that the most powerful thing that you can do at the moment is to take care of your lake. 

See what words or thoughts are troubling the water. 

Are you able to change your thoughts to more crystal thoughts of love, instead of judgements, hate, disappointment or feeling yourself in a kind of prison because things are changing? 

Know that change is necessary. The only way to get out of prisons is to change them. 

So your connection to source and your soul, reflected as the sunlight, is important. 

So try to keep your thoughts and your emotions clear, your connection to your heart stable, so that you are with your attention in your heart.
Love everything that is alive around you, so that it can breathe and live in its uttermost beauty. 

And above all, cherish the beautiful lake that you are, see the mountains around you, see the beautiful plants growing in this lake, all the beautiful fishes swimming and the shining crystals of the water reflected by the sunlight.
Take care of yourself. 

Love yourself for who you are. 

And the more you love yourself, the more you are aware of what a beautiful intelligent being you are. You are a system like a lake. And you can clean your own system by your thoughts and emotions, by your love, Love heals all. 

So instead of going with your attention and awareness to the outside world, first start with bringing attention and awareness towards your own world. 

That is all that is needed at this moment. Clean everything and clear everything within yourself and your surroundings. The clearer you are, the more sunlight will shine through you. 

And the more clear your lake will be, the more beautiful it will shine within its surroundings. 

The mountains and the trees will be reflected on the surface that is so clear, that people will see themselves through you and see their beauty through you, because of the love that pours out of you. 

AGAPE Universal Love

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