Is there a human need for love relationships, when people are really connected with the field of consciousness and their spirit guides? A love which can be so fulfilling. 

A: Isn’t it amazing, the colors of love?
If you look at the rainbow, you see all different colors, knowing that between all those colors that you actually see, there are even more colors.
It would be interesting to see love as such. 

Most of you are brought up in a culture where you believe there is only one relationship with a partner and that is the most magical love connection that exists. And the other love relations you have with your parents and your children and some of your friends. If you look at it like this, you only see a few colors of the rainbow. 

However, all of you came to this earth to experience as many colors of love as possible. 

If you didn’t need or want that experience from your soul, you wouldn’t be here. 

The only reason people want to live on earth is to experience all colors of love. 

That is the only thing you take back with you when you would look at all the essences of your experiences on earth. 

And with the colors of love, we do not only talk about the great feelings of love, but also the hatred that you feel or the disappointment or the sadness or the disconnection. 

They are all part of that rainbow, because for your soul there isn’t a difference between the most beautiful love feeling and the most terrible hate feeling or the most deep sadness that you will experience. 

All those experiences are food for the soul, are food to grow as a soul: what you like, love and what you do not like or hate. 

And they drive you to learn and to change. 

If there wouldn’t be so many different feelings living in your heart, there wouldn’t be a reason to live or to experience different situations, to meet different people, to be in love and to fall out of love again. 

All of that is so important for your soul.

So the question if you do need a love relationship with a partner, if you already experience love in the unity field, whenever you are connected to yourself or with a group, is a very good question.
Because it depends on what experience your soul is looking for in this life. 

It is possible that the love in the unity field is enough for your soul. 

And that the desire to be in that field is what you ache for most. 

On the other hand, it is possible that you want to experience more love connections in different forms and every color in between. 

So enjoy the beauty of every moment that you feel such love and use your beautiful drive inside to bring yourself in situations where you feel so much love for yourself, that that love will be mirrored by a person, a group, an animal or a situation. 

You can even feel an endless amount of love in your heart by the connection to the love between other people. 

And that is also an experience. 

So to answer your question, love is infinite, love has infinite expressions, and yes, if your soul is ready for it, experience them all. 

Be open to experience as much love as you would love to experience. 

Above all, the love for yourself, for who you truly are, the divine beautiful intelligent being that you are, is the ultimate love. 

That is a love you could see as the white light in which all colors come together, pouring through from your higher self, connected to Source. 

And with that white light, whenever that shines through you, you will feel a love so complete, that it will be reflected in every encounter you have. 

And then personal love isn’t that important any longer, because you ARE love, and you don’t need anything from outside. 

The whole universe is love for you and you are one with every person, every animal and everything in nature. 

And that is the ultimate.

AGAPE Universal Love

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