How do I keep myself standing when feeling triggered? How do I prevent myself from being drowned in negativity? Why is this so difficult? 

Dear one!

The answer is: because you are human. 

A human on earth. 

And a human on earth lives here to experience, to find unity in duality. 

When you experience one thing, you can appreciate the other. 

Duality exists on earth to have experiences for the soul, in the beautiful form of a body. A physical body, a mental body, an energetic body and connected with the highest soul body.

At all different layers it is possible to have experiences and on earth the physical body is an incredibly intelligent instrument to give directions when something feels good and when it doesn’t. 

So you are meant to feel triggered. 

It is meant to feel negativity, so that you can decide how you could return to unity. 

Unity means all is allowed to be.

Non-duality means that everything is one, positive and negative. 

It is the mind that tells us that it isn’t right to feel triggered. 

And it is the mind playing a game by having an opinion about that, by staying in it longer or by creating an imbalance by the negative thoughts. 

So the answer is: for a human on earth it is important to experience duality. 

The body is an intelligent instrument to recognize our triggers and to choose what gives us joy and what gives us peace. Over and over again. 

And our mind could be educated to misbehave or to be serving to unity.

That is what your question is about: “why is my mind not educated in a way that I do not suffer from it?

Imagine that you are meant to suffer once in a while, to develop discernment until you make the right choices. That is one of the reasons you are here on earth.

Maybe it is nice to bless your triggers with a big smile. 

Oh yes, I remember… that is why I’m here on earth. 

So that you feel peace.
And by feeling that, you can enjoy it fully. 

When you are in peace, you are in joy. 

It may be a strange response from here to say that if you would only live in joy on earth, you could just as well be here on this side of the veil.

It is the soul that wants to play and experience. 

Just like some people go for a ride in a roller coaster to feel how it feels, to experience what they are anxious for, just like that the soul chooses to be here on earth: to experience what serves the soul. 

All is well. 

And the blessing of ‘all is well’ brings peace. 

Yvette Visser

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