Do we need politics on the new earth? When I look at a few political parties, I see so many people whose higher inspiration I do not feel. Sometimes it makes me sad how much hatred there is against people with a different skin color than theirs, a different sexual orientation than theirs or another choice about vaccinations for example. Is it possible for politics and universal love to go together?

Dear one!

That’s a beautiful question which touches many layers, especially about the autonomy of humankind. 

Like currencies are no longer related to value, but have become a means of power, so does this apply to the control of countries, of systems and of some organizations.  

The original idea why it was created in the first place, is not what it embodies any longer.

If each person feels and behaves autonomously and is responsible for the greater whole; for nature and for every other living being, out of love and light…
Then, the self-organizing ability of people who wish to live together will create a beautiful place where they live, where national borders are no longer necessary. And every member of this group will share his or her natural gift to the community. 

When you look at the indiginous people, they didn’t need politics. 

The wisdom of the elders, the connection with the field of universal love, their guides and ancestors determined all choices for the tribe. 

Choices that were made in total connection with the greater whole, without disturbing any balance. There was no misuse of power, there were no thoughts of scarcity, there was no selfishness. 

Follow your heart in your own truth. 

That is the message for everybody. 

And know that the world is in transition.
Look beyond what you see. 

Don’t lose too much energy in frustration at what is wrong, but know that it is an expression of the disbalance on Earth. 

Look beyond. 

Focus yourself on your ideal world, an autonomous world. 

And connect with that image. 

Know that the more people connect with that image, the easier it will be to manifest it out of the light onto the Earth. 

And also know that all people who remember that ideal world have the same image. 

The power of that is immeasurable, which means the new earth exists in the memory of the human hearts. 

And that everyone who connects with it, knows it from the heart and knows how to create it. 

In your world, strategies, visions and debates are necessary, but on the New Earth it isn’t, since everyone knows and feels the highest form of love – universal love – and what that looks like. 

That is magic.
You don’t need politics for that. 

AGAPE Universal Love

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