How do we create the ultimate connection between different people on Earth?

There is one magical answer to this question, which is: see each other. 

You may notice that people see each other less and less frequently. 

There is not much time, telephones draw the attention of every single person and time goes by more quickly. That’s why more people deal with stress since connections are more and more via a screen than via real life. 

We don’t say that the connection doesn’t exist – it does – but it means that you are only connected to whom you choose to be connected to.
And because that is so easy nowadays, you are only connected to people you choose. That leads to a restriction of the mind. 

Because you are together with like-minded people, but no longer with people you coincidentally meet. 

Everyone lives on their own island and is happy with that, because life is busy and people don’t have time to meet strangers. 

It would be a nice exercise for the ones with judgments about others, to travel with public transport while needing help. 

It would be interesting to see how much love and care is available from others.
And often the ones who help you are the people that you judged before.

By connections like that you will recognize human nature: human beings are like animals, dependent on a group. They innately take care of each other and help those who need help. That is humanity’s original blueprint. 

But due to separation, that beautiful quality of humankind is less visible nowadays. 

In history it is shown that during a crisis people become closer to each other and show their humanity.

Because this world can only be changed by you, it is beautiful to challenge yourself to really meet people, more than you do now. 

To make sure you meet people in real life. 

To have conversations with people you don’t know, to see who they really are. 

Feel what it does to your heart. 

Feel what it does to your body. 

Feel what it does to your mind. 

Connection is love. 

And love creates flow. 

The exercise which is the ultimate practice for connection, is to invite people to look each other in the eyes. 

And really see each other. 

Without words, maybe with your hand on your heart. 

Ask your loved ones to do this with you, to look each other in the eyes, to really see each other. 

And in that you will also see yourself. 

When you meet people, be present in your body and know your consciousness reaches much further than your body.

With this consciousness you make contact with their consciousness and you bless them, you might greet one another and who knows, maybe you even talk to each other.

Leave a trail of light wherever you go. 

We would like to mention the example of Gandhi. 

Gandhi is the most beautiful example of standing for equality. 

The power that came through him during his life, the firmness and the deep sense of justice are exactly what is necessary in this time. 

If you feel you are called, if you feel that this is your mission, connect to Gandhi. Watch the movie about him or read his story. 

And feel what you can do to stand in this power. 

Ask the field of universal love and Gandhi to help you with that. 

Because the energy of Gandhi is still available for everyone on Earth. 

And that energy is necessary. 

That firmness of striving for autonomy, that love despite all differences, where people see each other and focus on what really matters. 

The connection between people, without unjust power over the other. 

Real connection. 

Thank you.

AGAPE Universal Love

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