How could we ask the angels for more help at this time? 

Angels are the bridge between the divine source and human beings. 

Angels are the essence of universal love. 

We could see them as the universal heart and the universal spirit of the divine source. 

Natuurlijk wordt de bron vaak mannelijk en vrouwelijk, vader en moeder, genoemd.
Het is belangrijk om dat ook zo te ervaren. 

The source is referred to as male and female, father and mother. 

It is important to experience it that way, like Father and Mother Source of life. 

It is beautiful to see the angels as the wings of that source, to spread love all over the universe. 

And know that the angels are involved in all creation arising from the endless field of love and light, to which you can send out your wishes and your questions. The field in which your mind and heart create together.

Know the angels are involved in that creation. 

And know that when you ask for help, when you share your wishes, it helps enormously to ask the angels. Because the angels are only allowed to work for us when there is a crisis or when someone asks for it. 

Angles honor the free will of humanity. 

When humans are lost, separated from source, the angels are present with endless love, but they can even come closer when you ask them.

Know that they can make your wishes come true and can bring them alive. Because they have the magical powers of manifestation connected that unified field of light and love. 

So if humankind should ask for much more help to bring love and light into the collective field of humanity, it would be a big difference. 

We know that many people do ask, but we also know that many of them often forget.

Angels all have different tasks and work from different dimensions. 

And you don’t need to know how this works to get it started. Just know there is an intelligent field behind all their tasks, just as intelligent as the divine source of creation, just as intelligent as your body. 

It is from the highest beauty. 

Know that each of you has your own guardian angel who is the bridge between you and the angels, because your guardian angel pass on your questions to the other angels. 

It’s like the rainbow, with all possible colors. 

There are angels on so many rays, each of them with a unique power. 

The angels are connected with the ascended masters and guides.
They are all at your service. 

So what helps now is to be silent, to be present in your heart, to connect with your guardian angel and trust that the connection is always there. See your guardian angel in your own way, as your closest friend, as the beautiful connection between you and source. 

And then make your wish for yourself, for your loved ones, for humankind, for Mother Earth, for everything you would like to bring love and light in its system. 

Ask the angels when you have a hard time, when you are sad or when you are in pain. Ask the angels when you need healing. 

And ask the angels when you know what you wish for. 

Ask the angels to co-create the new earth. 

Because they know this earth like no other.

Thank you. 

Yvette Visser

AGAPE Universal Love

Om ons allemaal heen bevindt zich een veld van universele liefde, waar onze gidsen wijze woorden influisteren en helende energie pulseert. Met onze channelings, prayers en meditaties willen we zoveel mogelijk mensen bekrachtigen in nog meer bewustzijn, liefde en gezondheid.

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