Question: Could you share your wisdom about pregnancy and especially about all couples who deeply wish to be parents, but don’t succeed? 

Every creation is a miracle. 

And humans, born as miracles themselves on earth, are creation powers. 

Everything is possible. 

And still a lot of people are surprised why their deepest wishes haven’t been manifested yet. 

It is important to understand that the bigger picture is like a clock with many different parts that all work together to show what time it is. 

You all know the law of attraction, magnetic and electric, masculine and feminine, receiving and creating powers. All those powers make it possible to create. 

The attraction works when all parts are in tune and the universe – the intelligent source of all – knows when it’s the moment. Humans, living in duality, don’t know that because they can’t see the whole picture. 

If people could look at it from a more multidimensional view, they would also see why a part needs more time or why sometimes it is not meant to be to bring different parts together. 

It has to do with what the soul of someone wishes to experience on earth. That wish is not always the same as the one that this person has, living on earth. 

The veils between what you can see as a soul before you are born and your consciousness on earth are meant to be. 

It is often said that everything is already here and everything is perfect, following divine timing. 

And that in the now all experiences are meant to be for you. 

Sometimes that means following a path of surrendering, of letting go, of knowing you are not the only one who is at the steering wheel. There are many energies at the wheel who know what’s best for you. 

Like people that experienced that they almost had an accident, but all of a sudden their steering wheel was turned, so they were safe. Those are angels that intervene.

The angels are the facilitators of the universal lines for manifestations and creations. 

So it is very beautiful to tell the angels your wish for a new creation in the form of a child on earth. However, it is important to realize that both the child and the parents need to have the magnetic force to make this creation happen. 

There are people who can’t understand why that isn’t the case. 

Know that everything is exactly as it is meant to be. And know that loving what is, is one of the most loving experiences of humankind on earth. 

We know that this is a difficult message. We also feel that you know that sometimes, when you are in total surrender, all of a sudden the miracle happens. Because there is nothing left anymore that blocks the magnetic power from the consciousness or the subconscious.

Sometimes a pregnancy isn’t meant to be, sometimes it is way too early, not planned and it feels like it isn’t meant to be. 

There are a lot of examples of couples who unintentionally received a miracle in the form of a child, even though they did not have the wish. And that is exactly how it is meant to be. How it is meant to be for the soul that would like to come to earth and eventually will or will not come to earth, and how it is meant to be for the parents to have their experience. 

All is love

All is love. 

And it’s so important to allow yourself the message that all is love.
When you feel resistance against something because you have a wish that doesn’t come true, that is also love.
Love for what is from all souls who are involved and all parts that are connected.

And you will no  know what the result will be.

The thing you do know, is that all is love. 

AGAPE Universal Love

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