Question: Can you say something about dates like February 22nd 2022? Are such data connected to a portal or is it so that people have linked the magic to it themselves?

First of all, let’s say that the year 2022 in your era is a special year. In recent years, people have had the opportunity to become more aware, because things have been turned upside down in their daily lives. An invitation to look at all the patterns and habits that are passed on from generation to generation, to wake up to your own truth. 

The year 2022 is a year in which you are invited to acknowledge and recognize mastery within yourself. What does mastery within yourself mean? It means that you start living from the inside out and you become aware that you are so much more than this body and these thoughts. And that you experience that there is unity between all people and everything that lives. That there is one source that breathes, whose heart beats in every person. 

It means developing a sense of truth while embracing differences and diversity at the same time. It means that the old ways of living and relationships are gradually dissolving into more unity and more diversity. It means that more colors are emerging: more colors of love, more colors of living together, more colors of creation, more colors of technologies and above all more colors that literally shine on earth. It means better health, better energy and a cleaner world. 

Everything is possible from that mastery. 

And in addition, you can say that numbers as they exist in your era were also created by man. When you let go of that for a moment and look behind it, you see the influence of the stars and far more galactic influences. 

And yes, the influences change and yes, there are portals. When people feel that certain dates have a special energy, that’s right. Especially when people unite to be consciously present as a channel or instrument, to raise the vibration and frequency and to receive more light and love, by consciously coming together and connecting. 

And everyone knows that when several people connect with the intention to receive more light and love, it has a huge effect on so many more people who are not aware of it. So yes, it is very important that on these dates people come together in this way. To connect and come together in silence, in a beautiful energy, in meditations, in music, in dance or with other rituals to raise the frequency of the earth and humanity. 

In addition, it is important that there are people who know what energy portals are. There are different forms of wisdom recognizing these portals. It is important that one is open to every person where you feel the pure truth if that person mentions a portal. 

This is where your sense of truth comes in again. 

Just imagine that there are ones who open portals in a shamanistic way, while someone else may open portals with the energy of the angels. The portal days may not be the same. 

So  feel what is calling you. Because then you choose the frequency that suits you. 

On that frequency you create unity with others, which makes a huge difference on this earth.

AGAPE Universal Love

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