It is sometimes a challenge to live in the system on the one hand and on the other hand to be true to your own values and live as pure as possible. Can you share your wisdom on that?

It’s an important time. A time in which you are challenged to use your own discernment more consciously than previous years, to go inwards more consciously to feel what your truth is, what purity is for you. That is the first step: go inside first. 

What is your truth?

It has been said before that in the world you grow up in, it is unlearned to feel what your truth is. Through upbringing, through school systems, through having to live in social compatibility to fit in.

In so many ways you have unlearned to listen to your inner voice. And this time exists to bring you back to your own inner voice. To see the real truth. Many people wake up and see that they have been absorbed in a system that is largely not based on love. 

And that is the purpose of this time. The idea is to wake up in your own world and to feel with discernment what love is for you, who you are and what your inner voice is saying. And to feel what it is like not to blindly conform to what is asked of you and how to behave. 

Go inside first. 

And because you are now invited to that in everyday life, it is a wonderful exercise to feel again and again ‘what is love to me?’. When you have that answer, you can decide whether you want to conform to the system. Out of love for the bigger picture or not. That is up to each individual.

Each individual has his or her own role in this. And you will feel that too in your truth. So there is no one-size-fits-all answer to what every human being has to do right now in conforming to a system. 

It is about seeing the system again, with eyes that are clear, with eyes of truth. And by recognizing that and becoming the change in it yourself, the change will take place. 

So yes, you need to be brave. Yes, you need to follow your own truth. And it is necessary to ask to what extent that can happen from love. in every moment. What is important is that you dare to speak your truth, without being afraid of consequences. Those who have made a difference in the world did just that. We’re not asking you to do that if you don’t have the courage, do it your way, small or large. 

If you dare to speak your truth to your loved ones, it is one of the most important steps. You don’t need to stand on a stage to tell all of humanity what your truth is, but start with yourself. First start by making yourself aware of what your truth is and dare to live it for yourself. Dare to pronounce it. And then feel what your role is at this time. Everyone has a different role and no one can decide for each other. 

Then the question remains, “What would love do?” That question always applies. 

AGAPE Universal Love

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