Many autistic children have trouble functioning in the system. Could you tell us how you view autism? 

You could say that there are people who have a different wiring than what you think is normal. And that is also natural. It is a divine gift when a child comes to Earth with what you call “autism”.They are children who are wired differently and who often cannot participate in the existing system. 

As long as the system remains love-less on this earth, children will be born with what you call autism. These children have understood from their souls that it is necessary to wake people up. The stimuli and the way children have to learn, the way people no longer live from their inner wisdom, no longer are connected with nature, no longer are able to feel that unconditional love because there are so many walls around the hearts and the conditionality of this society and almost every human being on Earth is what the kids with this wiring are sensitive to. 

They are able to instantly recognize pure love and also recognize anything that is not. All stimuli that come to them that are not pure are very intense for them. It is necessary that these children are allowed to live in nature with animals around them and to really flourish in their own way. These children have new intelligences that do not yet exist on your Earth, new talents. And they have absolutely no talent for everything that is not natural on Earth. They cannot fit within the systems. 

They come here to deliver a message to those who live with them or deal with them. It is a role that is not always easy. It is a role that is often accompanied by sadness and loneliness. Know that it is a role that they have taken on with love from their soul. And know that the people around these children continue their own soul process and have the opportunity to become more aware, to become more natural. 

And we cannot emphasize enough that animals and nature are the most healing for these children. It is important that they don’t have to sit inside, that they can connect with people and surroundings where pure love is really felt and they can develop themselves in their own way. We also know that they often isolate themselves because of the pain they encounter in the world outside, which often makes them want to sit in their room, to retreat to a safe environment. 

And know that it is not up to you to know what is good for them, for their soul. Know that everything’s meant to be. And as much as you would like to see it differently, the only thing you can do is to share pure love. And try again and again through trial and error what works. Also know that it is possible for children to become themselves more when they are free, because they are no longer in the school system. And from that freedom they can discover who they really are. Then these children are the stars on Earth, the ones that represent what purity and authenticity look like. They bring change in this world. And it’s nice to feel the love that so many people have for the kids with this kind of wiring. 

AGAPE Universal Love

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