How can we as human beings heal the darkness in ourselves and stop the war in ourselves? 

It is important to be kind to yourself at all times. Think about how many judgments you have about yourself in one day. It can be in so many thoughts. Maybe just a little dissatisfaction… The feeling not being good enough or expectations that don’t come true. 

But it can also be much more intense: a really deep rejection of the Self, of yourself, of who you are. To compare yourself with others… 

There is so much that is subtle and not self-loving. And if you can look at yourself as we can, then it is impossible to reject yourself. For you are that beautiful light here on Earth, the most beautiful light there is in your unique colors. 

And you are here to experience duality, so all is well. 

You are also here – just like the plants and trees – to grow towards the light. 

But a tree doesn’t tell itself that it isn’t good enough, that it needs to grow a little faster, or that it needs to be a little more like another tree. A tree follows the natural life force of growing towards the light. 

The most beautiful thing you can do is to recognize the light within yourself. And to every time return to your light and not to your darkness. Return to your I AM power, to your essence, your higher self. 

And you can practice this by imagining that the beautiful source of light and love is like the sun above you. May the sunbeams warm you, may your soul warm you like a sunbeam. And 

know that the angels and guides are around you to amplify your light. 

See the good in yourself. See the love in yourself, your beautiful heart, the connection and compassion with humanity, the animals and the plants. 

Many of you are earth angels, with so much love in your heart. 

See the light in yourself and don’t focus on the dark. It makes no sense. 

What makes sense is to be present when emotions of sadness or old pain come up. Let these be. This way your inner child can heal.

So we are not saying that no emotions should come up, but that you can only heal when you receive it in love. When you reject or repress them, you punish yourself. And that’s a sin. 

When we talk about sin, it is so different than you think. A sin includes everything that you choose that is not loving yourself.  We do not mean by that you are doing well or not doing well by the way. We say this to confirm that it is so beautiful to see your own light, to be in love with yourself and with everything that you experience via emotions or things that do not work out for you or whatever in life you would like to see differently.

It is meant to be, because that is what you want to experience here on earth. So assume all is well. In your world all is well. 

Embrace everything, even if it hurts. Be present with everything and let the sunlight of your soul flow through you. And ask the angels for their help. 

Know your own light and enjoy your own love. That is the greatest gift to humanity and this world. 

AGAPE Universal Love

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