In recent days, the sunlight seems brighter. As if a filter is missing that was there before. Can you say something about that? 

Everything is light and the light is in everything. Light is not just light, but is a frequency. And a frequency is what you call love. More or less love, that is a frequency. More or less consciousness. 

What you are experiencing right now in the bright sunlight is that it is a higher frequency than you often experience. And a higher frequency therefore also contains more love.

You can imagine that the moment something happens on earth that affects humanity, that we as guides, as earth, as universe, respond with love. In many forms. There are many forms that you do not see or do not know, but that are indeed present. And besides, the way something appears is different for each person. 

Sometimes the forms are more collective. In some cases you call that miracles. But every miracle is simply an increase in the frequency of love and light, of healing. So know when you experience that the sunlight is brighter, that you could say that the frequency is brighter, that more love can be sent directly to you through the beams of sunlight, through the brightness. 

This frequency makes a difference in your being, your hearts, your eyes. 

And many of you experience the weather as something that can positively influence you. That is not only the light as you mean light, that is also the love that comes with the light. 

And vice versa it does not mean that when the days are gloomy there is no light and love, but that that light and that love are present for you in a different form. 

For example in your sleep or when you close your eyes in meditation. It is easy for us to reach you when you are asleep or in a state of consciousness in which your brain is calm and exactly the frequency that can receive us. 

So there is not one answer to your question. 

We are present with you, we want to bring some joy and some light, some enlightenment into the hearts of humankind. 

And of course there’s so much more which influences the sun’s brightness than this simple answer. It has to do with so much more. But for now this is good.

Know that everything is connected. And know that your Earth is connected to so much more than you can imagine. And that from the big picture everything influences everything.
That humankind  also has a role of free will, to influence the forces in the universe, to which we will respond to restore balance and harmony. Just like nature always will. 

That does not mean that there is no imbalance, that there is no dying, but that in the end everything is transformed into a new form of life.

Enjoy the miracle. Enjoy the wonder of nature at this moment, the budding, the vigor. And know that you as human beings are connected, that you too will grow towards the sunlight, the sunlight of your soul. 

When you close your eyes and imagine that there is a beautiful sunlight in front of you that represents your soul, see how the light of your soul can grow into the beautiful flower that you are… .

AGAPE Universal Love

Om ons allemaal heen bevindt zich een veld van universele liefde, waar onze gidsen wijze woorden influisteren en helende energie pulseert. Met onze channelings, prayers en meditaties willen we zoveel mogelijk mensen bekrachtigen in nog meer bewustzijn, liefde en gezondheid.

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