Question: What is happening to our DNA at this time? 

This is a question on so many layers. What happens is that DNA is unveiled. And that happens in so many ways. 

Partly through your own work, partly through the evolution that is possible in man as the frequency increases and partly through the help of guides. The collective consciousness of humankind is very important in this and particularly to withdraw from it by using your own discernment.

Human beings are so intensely influenced at school. Every child learns in biology class how it works: the human body, the DNA. And as a result, a construct is built of how humans think that DNA works. Above all, everything about our bodies is explained so statically, as if it is not alive and as if there is no evolution in it. 

The life force itself is taken out of almost everything you learn at school. That is why there are children who cannot function in it. It’s a system with no ‘live’ in it. Children can no longer relate to that which is not ‘alive’. Everything that is not alive is a human construct.

It is important that those who wake up withdraw from the collective consciousness and the consciousness they have been taught in school. For how can the body evolve if the mind does not allow it? 

Humans have free will, so no matter how much more light infuses in our bodies, if there’s absolutely no belief that DNA can change, it won’t happen for many. However it is happening at a small scale anyway, because of a higher intelligence present that is not visible to you. And at the moment we work with humankind in this way.

It is ensured that there are times when you are not in total control. At those moments it is possible to increase your frequency, so that the DNA can develop further. 

Also, when you meditate, visualize, or are in a certain state of brainwaves in higher frequencies, it is possible for your DNA to change.

The result is that the power of humankind, the creative power of humankind takes on a higher form. So that, as is known from previous civilizations, humankind is capable of so much more than you know. Fortunately, that’s something that science confirms, which might help the belief in this.

For you it is important that you spend a lot of time in certain brain waves in which creation is possible. Because creation also helps to develop your body. 

If you look at Einstein, you can see that it is possible to have an ability that extends much further than what you are used to. This ability lives also in you and is dependent on the development of the DNA. 

So when you admire someone and you want to be like that, with an intrinsic desire, become that person and your body will adapt. Because your body adapts to the blueprint you visualize that it should be. Especially if you do it in joy. 

We invite you to stretch yourself through your mind, through your faith, through the joy in your heart. And when you consciously sit down and ask to develop your DNA, we see images of geometric shapes that work with you to make this happen. 

So the more consciously present, the more this can exist. At the same time, when you are not aware of it, the whole of humanity is currently ascending on a large scale to evolve anyway. 

AGAPE Universal Love

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