Question: Looking at the resurrection of Jesus as an example, how can we resurrect the Christ consciousness within ourselves?

Many stories have been told about Jesus. And there are many assumptions about Christ consciousness. First, it is important to leave all the stories behind. Because all those stories often point the way to how you should be different from who you really are; a resurrection from something not yet complete. But you are already so beautiful and of such high beauty. 

It is important to honor this beauty in yourself first. 

Honor who you really are, that beautiful light with so much love in your heart, that purity. Perhaps it is nice to describe the Christ consciousness as a metaphor, by imagining a crystal hanging in front of the window and the sun shining on that crystal, spreading many colors in the room.

The Christ consciousness is not something you have to achieve, it is something that is already present within you. It is the divine in you, it is the highest light in you. And every human being has this Christ consciousness. 

When you compare the sunbeam to source, the light from source, your connection to source, let’s say source in you, allowing you to be a source to the world…. 

From that sunlight, love and light shine through you all day long.

And you can shine like a crystal or a diamond in many directions. 

However, you may have started to shine a little less brightly over time. Because you have protected yourself from the outside world or from pain in your life.

And Christ consciousness, the resurrection, is just about unveiling who you really are. That is what is happening on Earth right now. 

You are offered the opportunity to stand in your purest light. Of course the world is calling for attention, in so many ways for you. But what really matters is that you go within. That you experience and feel your true light and that you recognize where it cannot shine through you. And that you touch it with love, embrace it with love, accept it with love. 

Let it be there. 

And much of it has its base in your childhood, the years when you still looked at the world full of innocence and as a clear light. But because of your adaptability and survival strategies, the light is more clouded. 

Every person has the opportunity to let that light shine brightly again.

You have been given a tool for this, a navigation system. 

You don’t just have to look closely at all the clouds, because what matters most is that you grow towards the light. And that the veils dissolve naturally in the light. 

The brighter your light shines, the more the clouds dissolve.  

So if  you follow your heart, really choose what you feel deeply and unveil all your talents and gifts, you will notice that because of your powerful light everything that once was clouded gradually disappears. 

And when a clouding comes into your life, be loving. Embrace it like a child who has fallen. And when that child is comforted by you, it hops on again. That also applies to you. Then hop on in the joy of what you have to do here. You are a beautiful diamond with many facets that you have to share here on Earth. We can’t say enough to you to follow your heart, because that is the key, the key to your resurrection. 

Follow your heart, follow the whispers from your soul, have courage, have strength. Go against the flow. That is where you find the light, there is the resurrection. 

As Jesus lived to follow his own path in deep trust with his father, the Divine source, so we ask you to trust deeply in your source, in your soul and in your higher self. 

The path that will be unveiled by your inner voice and your heart is your path and is your resurrection. And with that, you are that gift to this world. 

Live, just like Jesus did. Live who you really are. 

You will be an example for others to do the same. Be that radiant and fragrant flower with beautiful colors, allowing the rest of humanity and the universe to drink from your divine source. 

What shines so beautifully in you, is also present in every other human being. All those beautiful colors together are the resurrection of humanity in its purest light.

AGAPE Universal Love

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