Question: How does free will relate to a soul contract? Is it possible to do something else than your soul contract?

It is nice to see this question as a human being from multiple dimensions. When the soul decides to live its life on earth, there are wishes to experience certain experiences. The result is important, not so much in which form the experience is lived. 

And that’s where free will comes in. 

You could say that it is possible for humans to make all kind of choices in earthly life and that that is the intention. Humans are creators. And within all possibilities, humans have been given a small navigation tool in their heart. That navigation tool is set to the experiences that the soul would like to experience. 

You could say that when the human being is on the way to one of the soul experiences, the soul turns on the navigation for a certain destination. Just like when you type a destination in your phone, you will see multiple routes. One a bit shorter, the other a bit longer, one on the highway, the other as a tourist route. You can even decide whether you want to use the highway or not. 

And so it is with human free will. 

Man is free to choose how the experience is lived. The short version, very direct, or in a long tour where multiple experiences and other people are involved. Then you may think:  “This seems to be the theme of my life. I’ll never get out of here.” 

That means you have chosen the tourist route. It is interesting that when you become aware of this as a human being and you feel that you are done with this theme, you can still choose the highway.

What you need when you want to choose the highway, is that you remain very directly connected with your heart. When you’re speeding on a highway, you also have to be careful. You can’t drive and look all around you in the meantime, because you have to pay attention to what is happening before you. 

The same can be said about a faster experience in your life. You have to focus on your heart. 

You may have noticed that sometimes when you choose something that you actually wish to experience and you put all your focus on that and at the same time you are living it as a wonderful, happy experience, sometimes it almost happens instantly. That is because you set a focus from your heart combined with a feeling, and then this experience can arise immediately. 

There are also themes in your life that you may not be so aware of but which are programmed by your soul as a wish in your navigation. As long as you are not aware of these, it will take a little longer and you will be more likely to make detours.

So it is interesting when you are aware certain themes come back in your life that you start to think about this a little more consciously. Ask yourself: 

“What is my wish right now, here in this physical life?

 If I could choose my navigation destiny, what would be my deepest wish? 

What stops me from living this deepest wish?

Can I be aware of that? What fear is there? 

What restrictions have I imposed on myself? 

What patterns have crept into my life?” 

Of course it is true that when you have a deep soul desire to experience something on earth, you are often born in an environment where you first experience this theme in duality. This means that you do not experience the desire that you feel so deeply. Precisely by not experiencing it, you know what it is that you are missing.

This gives you the opportunity to choose to experience it, where it is not said that you will always experience it. There are many people who keep repeating the emptiness they experienced in childhood, for example in their own relationships. 

You may not know where the key is, because you are swimming like a fish in water and you do not realize that you are swimming in it. You don’t know there is another way.

At those moments it is also important to look a little further, to be able to look from a bigger picture, to have an overview. You can do that yourself, by connecting with your soul, connecting with your guides, asking insights to your guardian angel and angels. Or you could ask someone around you to look at the bigger picture with you. 

So it is true that there are indeed wishes from the soul. However, the word ‘soul contract’ sounds very static, so perhaps that word has been chosen a little too statically. See it as soul wishes and the possibility on earth to choose again and again which route you would like to walk, which things you would like to experience. 

Know that whatever you choose will be connected to your soul’s desire. That’s how the world is put together, that’s how you are the creator. That is why it is often said: everything is okay, everything is meant to be. 

Even if it sometimes seems completely different: according to the soul everything’s meant to be, everything on earth is meant to be. 

What we can say is that from the big picture and the souls, the soul of humanity is colored with all the experiences it wishes to experience. And yes, you can contribute to that by moving the soul of humanity to more love, starting with yourself. 

The awareness of living in a high frequency – over and over again -, so that the life you choose will be more joyful and lighter is free will.

You can also choose to take the hard, heavy road. That is completely up to you. That’s free will. Man is free to choose how you want to experience it. What is your wish in that? Being aware of this makes it possible to choose light, freedom and joy.

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