Question: There is a lot of trauma and load surrounding sexuality. Could you share your wisdom on the healing of sexuality?

Imagine a beautiful place where you see a source of the purest sparkling water. You feel the life force of this water, the softness, the love, the healing power. And you know when you drink this water or you bathe in it, it feels so complete that you feel the divine reflected in you through that water. 

Now imagine that from that source a stream of water flows down like a waterfall in a beautiful green, pure environment. And now imagine that somewhere else on that hill there is another beautiful water source with sparkling living water. Even if you drink it, it purifies you, it heals you and you feel the divine reflected in you.

And that water also flows down like a waterfall. 

At some point, these two streams come together. And at the end of that waterfall, a bit further down you see a natural basin where you can swim and where this divine water comes together. You see it sparkle, you see how beautiful it is. And you feel when you swim in it or when you drink it that it makes you shine and it reflects your wholeness. 

If you would compare those two sources with two people and you would relate this to sexuality… Then it is important that when two people meet, their own source is completely filled with love, with light, with divinity. Clear, sparkling water. 

And when you meet as two radiant beings, as two radiant divine beings in a physical body, a sacred sexuality will arise naturally with the possibility that a third source is created. Equally brilliant and equally radiant. That’s how it is meant to be. Unity, wholeness and an encounter through the sacred energy of creative power.

However, as you know, there has been a turbidity in humanity. That is why many sources have cloudy water. It oftens happens that when two turbid sources are attracted to each other, the turbidity still produces turbid water. Healing would be needed to make this water sparkling clear again.

And why are those sources turbid? Just look back at the source of the clouded water, the two streams from which the clouded water came. Often they are also clouded and the sources before that too. 

There has been clouding in your world regarding the life energy, the sexual creative energy in humanity. And when there is damage, it is very difficult to meet in wholeness.

Even when a source is whole, brilliant, a clouded source may decide that out of its own scarcity it wants something from that wonderful other source. That is something you often see, that out of scarcity and damage someone hurts another person. And then the beautiful water in the originally pure source will also be clouded. 

There are many ways in which the water of you as a human being is clouded, you are no longer aware of your own creative power and your own sexuality in the divine form, as it was ever created. 

Now the question is: how can we heal this as human beings? The very first thing that is important is that you know that you first have to make your own water pure again. Of course it is wonderful to find inspiration from others with clear water, but look at them from a desire in yourself to make that water of yours as clear as possible. 

Ask for inspiration. Be vulnerable. And show that you need to heal. For there are enough pure sources present with your people for healing in this. And it is important that you become much more aware of that. Especially those who are healed in their sexuality. It is necessary that you share this, as there are so many souls on Earth in physical bodies who have no idea how to transform this. 

Because it is not talked about, because it is still a subject in which the damage is passed on and where the joy is lacking. Children and young adults have no idea that sexuality is sacred. That it is a sacred way to meet on a soul level and a beautiful way to rise to higher frequencies. A way to explore your own divinity even further. That is – shall we say – taken from you. You were not meant to know that, for when you will know the power of your own creative power and sexuality, from the clearest waters, then you will know that it is a divine elixir. Not knowing that limits your belief in and knowing of your own greatness.

Then sexuality becomes neediness, something that gives short fulfillment like fast food. It was never intended that way, ever. 

So start honoring your own temple. Keep your own temple pure in everything. Take care of yourself. Be vulnerable and ask your guides, your guardian angel and the angels if they want to help you find the right way to heal this in you, when you actually feel this. With love, because love is the only key. Vulnerability is the keyhole. 

Vulnerability is something you have not been taught to show in sexual contact. There are images and ideas of how it should be. While the great miracle arises in vulnerability, in exploring together and honesty with that. For the miracle lies within all of you to discover it.

What it takes is space, love, connection. Looking each other in the eyes, feeling each other’s hearts. And not only to feel it on the physical level, but especially on the energetic and the spiritual level. Then you will notice that when you heal this within yourself, the frequency increases. Then you are vulnerable when you meet another person in it and you invite each other to transform that turbidity into sparkling light. Then you feel the love grow naturally. 

Your skin becomes softer, your eyes become more radiant and a source of love comes into you and starts flowing. With this you not only heal your own source, but you also heal the sources above you and the sources below you. 

So thank you for healing small pieces of yourself or bigger ones. Because that heals humanity. It is one of the most important pillars of humanity to take back your own power and stand in your own sovereignty. By making you misunderstand what sexuality is, your true power is being robbed. 

And above all, feel the joy, enJOY the beautiful wonder that you are.

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