Question: Could you say if it is true that the Earth is now assisted by – what they call – starsteed people and if so which ones? How do they help us?

Humanity is a beautiful melting pot of many different sources and origins. The origin of man is perhaps the most interesting approach to this question. Who are human beings? Where do humans come from? Is a human only human or is a human also a starseed? 

When you ask the question whether starseeds help the starseeds outside the earth, do you also mean the starseeds who have incarnated as human beings? In essence, every human being is a starseed. Essentially, every human being is made of stardust. Everything is from one source that keeps falling apart into multiple shapes, sparkles, stars. Further and further and further.

And the earth arose from a desire. A desire to create a planet where anything is possible. A source of creation, a planet on which paradise can be established and at the same time a planet of destruction and extinction, even to the point where the planet would no longer exist. Everything is possible in the duality of creation on Earth.

Every human being on earth came due to his/her own desire from the soul to be there. And mankind once came to Earth to experience what it is like to live on Earth as a starseed. So starseeds are the families of humans. And starseeds incarnated both on Earth and are present on many other planets. Everything is connected. What humans experience on earth is also an experience for starseeds. And what starseeds experience has a reflection on humanity. 

It is often said that the balance or imbalance on Earth is the result of the collective consciousness of humanity, but it is not just that. There are so many more influences. And it is important to know that there are several starseeds that are present around the earth to bring their light and influence as far as they can. The great thing is that they do this mainly through the reincarnated starseeds on Earth who have not had many lives on Earth yet. They really came to Earth to help, to carry out a mission on behalf of the starseeds. They have a lot of contact with these starseeds. To them it is their family. In fact, they feel more at home with these starseeds than with humans. But they too have a life to live. 

The influence of the starseeds is great and will only increase, because there is more and more cooperation with many people on earth. Some are always aware of their starseed origin, some become so during their lifetime and others have no idea because it has been so long ago. 

But many of you have a home planet that you are still connected to, even while you are living on Earth. You will notice that you have a special love for the starseeds who live there. And that’s because you’re part of it. It’s your family. 

And it is interesting to feel when you get a warm feeling. Whether it is with the Sirians or, for example, with the Pleiadians.. Feel it for yourself. It’s important, because that’s your family that can support you and support humanity through you. 

The starseeds work with those people who are open to that and they work with the angels. To open the collective consciousness to more light and love. 

Because humans have free will, they can only do that to a certain extent. But when a human as a starseed starts to remember that you have lines with your starseed family, then they are able to do a lot more with you. Because you as a person give permission then. 

They are wise guides for all of you. They show you the way and can accomplish enormous transformations and transmutations for humanity because they are present from a much higher dimension in frequency.

And as you know all the dark will dissolve into the light. So ask your starseeds. Be aware, sit down and connect with the starseeds that feel like home to you.

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