When a soul comes to earth in a body, if it is lucky it is received with warmth. And there is a gradual process of growth. Is there also such a growth process when someone leaves his or her body? Could you share how that works exactly? Is there such a thing as a gradual birth into the light? 

People sometimes talk about the circle of light, the circle of life. 

Imagine that life is a circle. Life on earth in which many circles already take place and several lives perhaps on earth, which in turn are several circles. Circles of life. And perhaps there are more circles of life and other forms outside the circles of life on Earth. All those circles together form the experiences of the soul that you are, the soul that grows through experiences. 

And when you decide within your soul to start living a life on earth again, it is a careful process in which you are guided as a soul, by your personal guides in many forms. Forms you can imagine and forms you cannot imagine, always in the form of light beings. 

What is important is that you as a soul always have free choice. For each life you are going to live you choose what you wish to experience, you choose which people you wish to meet, you choose the situations you want to be in to learn your soul lessons. To experience joy or perhaps to experience sadness. Essentially it doesn’t matter to the soul if these are joyful or difficult, because those experiences are what nourishes the soul in its growth. 

When you choose from your soul to live a life on earth, it is necessary to prepare. To prepare for the magic of the puzzle pieces that will fall together during your life, the encounters, the body you choose, the relationships, so many aspects…. And that is prepared with love and in supreme intelligence and timing. 

Have you ever considered how infinitely intelligent the whole system of human beings and all other living beings is to make possible what you want to experience as an experience for your soul? How important it is that you are prepared to bring that great soul force, that great essence that you are, into a body on earth. And this takes time. Time to first form the body and second to make sure that essence can live in that body. You know the rest. 

Now suppose you come to the end of a circle of life and it is your time.  There are many different possibilities for that, unlike when you come into this life, when the moment may seem sudden, but it never sudden is because it is all carefully orchestrated.

When you pass, the same thing happens. It may seem very sudden, but that too is completely orchestrated from your soul, with all the guides around you. So it is never the case that it is unprepared. From the big picture it is always known that this will happen and the moment is chosen by you as a soul.

There are many ways to make the transition. 

Let’s look at the transition that  happens suddenly. In the sudden form it is sometimes confusing for the combination of the body and the soul that life on Earth ends suddenly.
Then it sometimes takes some time to disconnect energetically from the body, to disconnect from the life in that body and to return to the soul again. 

In those cases it may be important that that part of your soul that has lived in this life and that has lived in that body, is allowed to rest for a while and to recover in order to break free from that earthly life. That is possible in beautiful healing environments that are created for the people who are ready for it. And they are looked after with the greatest love. When that soul part can completely let go again and can fully return to the soul, the journey continues. The journey as a soul that again splits into soul parts and subsequently makes several circles of life, in which the experiences of that soul part are included. 

When a soul part is ill for a long time in a body on earth, that soul part has a lot of time to experience the transition from life in a body into the etheric form. It is often the case that the process of letting go has already happened more profoundly. So that during that illness there have already been moments when the etheric form has already returned home.

Then it is checked whether that part that returns home after the person has died first wishes to rest in the same healing environment as we just talked about. Or.. that that ethereal part is already so liberated from earthly life that it immediately wants to continue to experience what it feels like to be so light and unbound again. And to experience what the next possibilities are, now that the tight suit of the body and life has been taken off again. 

And then there are the intermediate forms, in which it is always important that the etheric part that returns can express what it needs. 

It is so important to realize that nothing is the same for anyone who returns. There is no general story for how this works. The steps will be recognizable and the great field of love and light that one enters will be recognizable. And within that, each soul part is unique. What does that soul part need? Does it take a lot of time to reunite with deceased loved ones? To heal, together, from what you have experienced on Earth.

Do you want to live on as lovers in a certain time or in an infinite time?

For the mind it is difficult to imagine that everything can take place at the same time, because at the same time you are present in other circles of life and soul parts can also be present there that are also present again in the life you have just closed. It is an infinite spectrum that all intertwines and which ensures growth. 

So when you leave your body and you return as a soul part in the soul, then as a soul part you continue to have the opportunity to grow as that individual soul part. By learning lessons again, by learning from other light beings or by experiencing experiences in the light of other souls. You can wish to learn everything there and you can also wish to experience this in the earthly or in another life. The freedom is infinite. 

So to answer your question above all: there is a great deal of care, free choice and an answer to the needs of the one who leaves his or her body, that makes sure that you really get that feeling of coming home. Exactly in the shape that is right for you. 

We would also like to say that it is important that if you expect to see a certain loving light in the form of a person, it is possible. Since everything you hope to see is possible to manifest in the light field. That is why it is so nice to prepare for the transition in advance, so that you can already indicate that you may wish to meet the angels or Jesus Christ or whatever suits you.

Because just like in life, you can indicate your wishes and ask what you prefer to experience from your heart.

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