Question: Could you share how you can experience the difference between inspiration from your higher self and inspiration from your guide? 

It is a loving presence to feel the difference between what is being whispered from your higher self and what is being whispered from your guide.

Let’s start with the higher self, which is also called the IAM force. If you see yourself with more bodies than the one you can see, you will see that you consist of multiple fields and that you are connected to what is called your higher self, your source. 

You could see this as a part of your soul. That part of your soul that is completely whole, because it is said to be deeply connected to the Source of everything. It is that spark, that spark of Source that goes on an adventure, loose and in connection with Source to experience. And that spark is connected to your soul and in your soul you collect all experiences of all your lives. That spark went out to gain those experiences that serve the greater whole. 

You could say that every person is in service to the greater whole and everyone has set out to color in a certain color of that greater whole. The spark points you in a direction that matches the color you color this life. That is your higher self speaking to you or giving you a sense of direction. 

You could say that your higher self uses the instrument of your body. So when something feels right to you, it’s the connection with your higher self that it fits with the path you’re walking. It must be said that you always have free will and that there are many possibilities. But within those possibilities are the possibilities that fit, that feel good, and possibilities that don’t fit, that don’t feel right. And free will is there to choose both. 

Let’s assume that you are able to be so sensitive that you can feel in all the little things what suits you and what doesn’t really suit you. Where you feel joy, where your body gives a YES to, on what your body starts moving or where you feel resistance. And your higher self is absolutely connected to this mechanism. So when you want to know what your higher self’s answer is, it’s easy to feel it through your body, because they are so connected. If you’re talking about mind, body, soul, it’s about this piece. Your mind is the whole of thoughts in combination with that feeling part. When your mind gives you inspiration it could be a combination of your higher self, but also of your guides.

So that’s interesting: your higher self works with your body and also with your mind and when we look at the guides you might imagine that you are getting some kind of transmission of information. And your guides do that in the form that suits you. If you could envision this, you could imagine that your energetic body and the energetic body of the guide come together. And that they either make connections through the mind, so that you get inspiration from your guides, or they make you feel something, an experience that gives you an insight. 

So that’s different from what was just said, because in that you feel the YES or the NO. But sometimes you can also know or understand something through your guides throughout your whole system. And that has to do with your cells’ consciousness being touched, partly by the guides, so that something shifts in those cells’ consciousness so that you get insights.

And they especially work with what is natural for you. How do you receive information? Do you hear it with your inner ear? Do you feel it, do you know it? Do you see it? Do you get a symbol or do you see pictures? Or is it some kind of heart felt recognition? It can be in all these different forms that your guide speaks to you.

In addition, you have your guardian angel who is somewhere in between. Your guardian angel is very connected to your soul and is in service of the greater whole to create the possibilities in your life in which you could choose the right path. 

You could see the guardian angel as the creator of the situations, the lines through which you meet someone or through which you end up in a certain situation. So that is also different. 

In addition, it is also nice for you to feel that your higher self is more of a constant loving flow that you can tune into. And when you come into your full presence where you feel both your body and your emotions and you are aware of your thoughts and can let them pass in the sense that they may be there but you do not grasp them…. and you then connect with your chakras to the bigger picture… so that you are ‘turned on’. And if you connect to the source then, as you are used to doing, you are then in that full NOW state of consciousness and you are present in the loving field. That is your IAM. 

Then you are fully committed to who you really are. Then you are also able to get healing energy through you. You are then able to get the wisdom of your soul through you. And it is also possible to get inspiration from your guides in the field. 

A wonderful check to experience is what kind of energy you feel when connected with a guide. In this energy you can feel a more human energy that fits this guide. And it is known that they are often guides from the ancient peoples, but it could also be a teacher from the light, more like an ascended master. It could also be a loved one who has passed away.

It could be a master on Earth or a wise woman who has lived before and has lived a certain force in her life that is important to you right now. The great thing about your guides is that you become friends with them. Being in that energy more often is like getting to know someone like you would get to know someone on Earth. At some point you are so familiar with each other, that you know that that energy is with you. Then you can invite that energy to come closer to you and even so that you become that energy partly. 

Then there is a wonderful transmission of energy, wisdom and healing. With that, your light grows and your experiences in your life also increase. In addition, the contact with your guides brings you into a higher frequency, as they mingle with your energy. That also helps you to stand more easily in your IAM Power, in your own connection with your soul. It is a beautiful network of light that you are a part of. Your attention and then feeling, consciously experiencing what you feel, is your mode to increase your own light and to grow your own wisdom.


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