How can I open my heart to love even more? 

Dear one!

You are love.
You are a divine sparkle from source.
That divine sparkle is filled with the unity of love. Imagine that that divine sparkle wants to experience love. Since there is only oneness,  you cannot experience what it is because you are it.

 And so the divine sparkle chooses to come to Earth in a physical body. And that divine sparkle is love, living in a physical body, an emotional body, a mental and spiritual body … living in multiple dimensions.

And all experiences ensure that in those bodies some doors may be closed in order not to experience pain.

So how dualistic is the concept of love on Earth?
When you open your heart wide and you feel love fully, you experience the most wonderful gift on earth.

And if you experience pain when your heart is so wide open, you often close the gate because you don’t want to experience pain again. Large gates and small doors are closed that way. 

How can you open your heart more to love? 

By fully experiencing the divine sparkle in yourself again. Because for that divine sparkle you don’t have to close a single door, not a single gate. The  love of the divine sparkle can only expand to more love and more love, like an infinite source. 

So how do you do that? 

By sitting in silence, connecting with your divine sparkle… and letting this love flow through all your bodies, until you expand this field of love encompassing he whole earth, the whole humanity and the whole universe.

Make that divine sparkle so great, that it almost equals the magnificence of the divine source. Because that’s who you are. 

And then naturally that love will open the closed doors and gates of your heart again. 

If it’s difficult for you to find your divine sparkle, let yourself be touched by the divine sparkle of nature, the divine sparkle in animals that give you unconditional love or the divine sparkle of a baby or a small child. 

The divine sparkle that is able to  radiate unconditionally is a heart opener for you, because of its unconditionality. So it’s important that you surround yourself with that and that you nourish yourself, outside and inside. 

Then you blow the gates open again, the love flowing from that divine sparkle deep into your heart. And then… you can be touched by the beauty of nature.  And also by another human being, but this time not in pain, but in compassion, love….  moved by how intensely beautiful and loving life is, in all its diversity.


AGAPE Universal Love

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