Could you share something about the power of the breath? How can we use it on Earth? 

The breath and the heart are closely linked. And there are many systems working together in your body. Of these, the breath is the most fleeting, the most elusive, at the same time the beginning and the end of life in you. 

And isn’t it wonderful that you are being breathed? That your body knows exactly how to breathe. While at the same time you can also decide for yourself how you breathe. It’s a nice metaphor for life. You have free will and there is life that flows through you. The more aware you are, the more you can rise above your patterns. Because the breath is also influenced by the experiences and thoughts that you experience. 

Just look at the different people and the way they breathe. It is possible to breathe high, more from your chest, and it is possible to breathe lower, more from your belly. And it’s beautiful to watch babies and young children how they breathe and how those breathe who are about to leave their body. 

A way to empower your own breath is by being aware of what is the healthiest way to breathe for you. The way in which your body relaxes, is given time to recover. Your breath is also a way to go from stress to rest. It is a way to calm your body and thus your thoughts and feelings. 

It is a magical transformation tool to make a shift in your daily life to yourself, to your own IAM power. It is not for nothing that in many meditations it is said: first breathe peacefully out and then breathe peacefully in. The breath brings you back. Something that is difficult with thoughts, but is so simple through your breath. 

Conscious breathing also helps you to break patterns of anxiety or stress. Because when you have those thoughts and you calm your breath with methods that are known, you overrule patterns in your body, which automatically turns into a stress release. 

Through the breath you come to homeostasis, the recovery to unity. Moreover, through the breath you can come into the larger field of your soul and Source. Because you become present in your body and you bring your attention to your heart through your breath, the heart chakra and your breath can be the gate to the field of all possibilities.

Moreover, it makes it easier to receive the whispers of your soul and of your guides in this way. So your breath is one of the most magical tools available to you on Earth. 

And what would be important for humanity right now is to use the instrument of breath to break through so many patterns that keep humans small, preventing humans from living their full potential. For the power of the breath brings humankind to its essence, its connection to its greatness, its connection to the IAM power and its connection to Source and guides, enabling to take many greater steps. Out of love and not out of fear. 

So practice to be aware of your breath and bring it into a calm mode, then connect with your heart and then open to your light and to the light that flows into the world through you. It is pure magic to use this life force for yourself and thus for other people and therefore for the Earth. 

Thank you.

AGAPE Universal Love

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