How can I step into trust, let go even more? I sometimes notice a resistance in me to really surrender. 

Imagine a parent teaching a child to ride a bicycle. 

There are different ways to do that. 

One of them is to let the child cycle while the parent holds the bike, so that the child gains a little confidence in what it feels like to cycle. And then at some point the parent let the child go. The child notices that the parent isn’t holding the bike any longer and falls. And the child gets on the bicycle again and the parent holds it. This is repeated until the child feels that it no longer falls. 

And the reason is speed. At a certain speed there is balance, so you no longer fall. Even when the parent’s hand no longer holds the bike or holds you.

A magical moment. 

For a while the child is busy cycling consciously and then, after a while, it is a pattern and there is room to do other things while the child is cycling. 

You might see yourself as the parent and the child, at the same time. 

Imagine: you are the child that lives, but you do not fully trust that you can just live life, that it will unfold naturally. So just to be sure, you hold the child, give it direction, you determine the route the child will go because it feels safer to indicate what the plan is. 

And then imagine what it looks like when a parent that taught the child to cycle continues to hold the bicycle. You will see that at some point the child will cycle faster and the parent will have to run faster. And then they hold each other in opposite force. The child cannot cycle faster, the child cannot determine the way, nor can the child feel the freedom of feeling speed himself and being carried by the forces of the universe on a bicycle that falls at a standstill.

It is the same with life.
When you keep holding the bike or holding the child or yourself, when you keep steering, it is not possible to actually experience the powers of the universe, it is not possible to feel the freedom and feel the wind in your hair of life, the wind at your back. You are holding back life for yourself. 

To let go of a child that learns to cycle is courageous. Because you know it can fall and you know it can hurt. You know it will cross a dangerous road. But parents are so brave to let go of their children. 

So at the moment that you hold onto that part of yourself, your personality,  that wants to keep control for safety – the false safety – you make the choice not to listen to it anymore and 

have the courage to listen to your soul and to listen to your heart and to follow that path and no longer the path of fear and limitation, you will find that Life lives you. Just like speed does on a bicycle. 

And you will notice that other paths open up, different from the ones you would have encountered if you would have kept on steering. You will find that the angels and the universe can create other situations for you that will take you to where your soul’s purpose is, your way. 

And your personality will never know what’s right for you. Your personality is a protection. 

When this personality comes into the service of the soul, so when the parent lets go of the child and trusts and the child returns home with joy, then it is in harmony.. 

So be aware when you try to hold onto your life, depriving you of your own freedom. 

And if you feel fear, resistance, choose courage. Choose to go to that part that feels exciting, but also will give you joy. Choose the unknown, for the unknown leads the way. Choose the adventure. 

And trust that when you dare to trust life, the forces of the universe and the whispers of your soul, that you will come into that balance like a child on a bicycle. You follow and the adventure is waiting for you. 

You can go anywhere, whatever is given to you. There’s nothing that stops  you anymore. And that is trust. That is true security. 

So enjoy letting go. Follow your feet, your heart, what they are drawn to. You may feel a little tension in your belly. Because that’s where you find the treasure. There are new experiences that will nourish you and that will give you intense joy.


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