Question: Could you share something about the matrix that is so often talked about? 

Imagine that a child is born on earth with a pure soul. And just imagine that it is born on an earth where nothing is lived that disturbs this. In other words, the child grows up in complete harmony with nature, with itself and with the animals and people around.. The unity remains, from start to finish.

You could say that this is a life completely free from the matrix. And just imagine that: an undisturbed life. Completely in harmony, in love and in the now. 

And then imagine that a child is born with a soul that has all kinds of experiences from other lives. And that this child grows up in a world in which a lot of fear is lived. That the child enters systems of control, punishment, shame, scarcity, guilt, conditional love…. A world in which there is no respect for nature, for animals, for people. 

You could see all these disharmonious expressions on the earth as a kind of sticky network. And the child is caught in it. The child lives in a sticky network and cannot free itself because of the stickiness. 

And everywhere the child lives and looks around, people are caught in that sticky network. People think it’s normal that nature is disrespected, that animals are mistreated, that people oppress each other, that male-female relationships are unhealthy, that children are not seen as wise souls. 

A world in which systems are built that support all this and arise from this concept. And when the child looks around it sees that everyone thinks this is normal and everybody lives within this sticky matrix. 

And then one day the child becomes aware that when she looks at the sun or looks at the stars, she feels a power that is not reflected in her daily existence. She becomes aware that there is so much more than this world she lives in. And as she gazes at the stars and connects with the sun, sees the beauty of nature around her in the tiniest parts: the ant on the ground and the flower that unfolds like a kind of mandala in all beauty, the love that she feels for an animal or a human being… 

She feels the connection with her higher self  through the sun and she feels that she transcends daily life. She finds out she is not who she thinks she is. And while her body is trapped in the matrix, her consciousness expands and transcends the matrix. She feels free, she remembers who she is, she feels the light within herself. And as this happens, the consciousness in her body and cells increases. As a result the sticky layer comes off, she sees the bigger picture and understands that every human being is trapped in what she used to be trapped in. She understands that it is never intentional that man lives that way.

She feels her mission and remembers that she came here to bring light, to make people aware of who they really are. And she feels that the matrix no longer keeps her prisoned. She feels connection with love, connection with her own heart and soul, the unconditional love for the animals and nature around her. 

She now looks at everything she thought was normal with new eyes. She is aware when she behaves in the matrix and when she is detached from it. 

Gradually she meets more souls who have risen above this matrix. They know that together they are creating the new earth outside of this matrix. The more they connect and feel supported by their guides and Source, the more light will touch the sticky layer and more and more people will transcend this matrix.

And they will recognize children who are born and who are no longer receptive to the sticky layers of the matrix. They will create spaces where these children come together and immediately start living the new life. 

Gradually the sticky layer disappears like clouds before the sun. Further and further until unconditional love is back and everything that exists is natural. Abundance, without scarcity, shame, guilt and fear.

And when there are challenges on the path in life, there is the awareness to deal with them in love and not to fall into old patterns. In the now, again and again in the now, what is experienced is experienced and fear is transformed into love, pain and sadness into joy. 

The hearts are open, the mind is open, bodies are connected to mother earth and are the antenna for the light of Source flowing through them.

Welcome to the world without the matrix; the new earth, here. 


AGAPE Universal Love

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