Question: In times of crisis there always seems to be a scapegoat and contradictions seem to be created between groups of people. This was previously done with, for example, Jews, with gays and with different groups of refugees. And we as humanity just can’t seem to learn from it. How can we break that vicious circle of division? What does humanity need to know about this, so that diverse groups can coexist equally? 


It takes awareness.

A conscious person cannot possibly create separation. 

A conscious person sees the unity, sees that everything is connected, sees that you are me and vice versa and sees that when I do something to you I do something to myself. 

In your world, a conscious human being is still hard to find in many places. We say that without judgment. It is what it is. 

And worrying about that is actually putting an infinite lower frequency in the field. 

We understand your concerns. That’s right. 

However, all that matters is that more people wake up, that more people become aware. And how can you contribute to that? By being an example yourself, by being love yourself.

Love starts with yourself. 

If you would bring it back to a crisis closeby, this arises because there is no love for yourself. 

And when someone tries to gain a certain power by creating division, it is because this person cannot experience what love is, what oneness is. 

Where there is love there can be no division.
Where there is love there is inclusivity.
All the colors of the rainbow together form the most beautiful palette.
You can only see the divine when you see all parts and all colors in their full potential.

What happens when division occurs is that some colors are seen as ugly, as unpleasant, with the aim that the other colors, the colors to which you belong, shine brilliantly. How can one color shine brilliantly when other colors have to be faded? The sun shines on all colors and all colors shine equally.

In other words, when you discriminate another color, your own light will shine less brightly. Your light dims, because light and love are one. 

We understand that you don’t know where to start in this world. 

And you know all the stories of the people who went before you in times of crisis, who have continued to see this big picture and have had the courage to continue living in unity, to stand for it. That’s what you can do. All you can do is follow this at all times. To have the courage to stand for unity and be an example, so that you touch other people and more people can awaken and live in love. 

Judgment itself also creates division, so do not judge the people who create and manipulate crises, but honor the light in that person. When you look at those people with new eyes and see the great light behind them and in them, you give them the opportunity to experience their own light, which makes it possible for them to wake up, to experience love. 

And although it is difficult sometimes, in the duality of this world many people also find their strength. Many people find out who they really are, many people find out how intensely fulfilling it is to be loving to another human being and to feel  its reciprocity. Not from the point of saving the other, but by really serving each other. That you really see who the other person is. And when you really see each other, you see the divine, you see paradise. 

So send your light, send your love.

Send your love in an endless form, to all places where there is imbalance, where there is disharmony, where power speaks for itself. Continue to send light. Ask angels and guides, deceased  loved ones and all beings of light on this earth to send light and send love.

Can you imagine when all the people who have risen above the matrix do this on a daily basis? What effect it would have?

That’s another answer to your question. It is important to unite with those who want to live in love and light, because that reinforces each other. Take the time to tune in together, sit together and connect with all the circles present on Earth.

Even if you’re alone. 

When you consciously connect with all the lightworkers here on Earth and you all do your work together, it strengthens.

So click into the universal grid of light where you are connected. And do not underestimate the power you all have to make this network of light shine more and more, which makes it possible for light to reach the dark and makes it possible for people to open their eyes and suddenly see the other as a human again.

Beautiful. Thank you. It moves me. So much homophobia has been spread in the name of religion. It’s always nice for me to hear messages full of love. 

Know that in religion there has always been a human being between the divine and you and that pure purity has often taken a color, while you and every human being is meant to be directly connected to Source and directly connected to Source in every human being. 

Nature is like a master you can look at to understand life and to strengthen the connection you deeply feel with Source. 

Imagine being in a beautiful garden with so many different trees, flowers, butterflies and animals… where flowers wouldn’t like each other…? Hilarious image, isn’t it?

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