Question: What message does the field want to share with humanity right now, looking at the energy of this moment? 

Dear ones! 

Expect a miracle! 

Expect a miracle. 

That is the energy that is going to make a difference in your world. 

So much light is present, so many gates are open. 

And what it takes is that your minds are open to receive, your hearts are open to receive. You are almost programmed to always expect things to go wrong again. 

We would like to ask you to live by ‘Yes and’ instead of ‘Yes, but’. 

What we need as your loving guides who see the light descending on Earth is that through those open minds and open hearts people expect with a childlike innocence that miracles will take place, in which great transformations are possible. 

By that belief, by being convinced of it, it is possible to turn everything around quickly. 

While when you bring thought constructs into the world where you continue to affirm the collective consciousness as it is now: by expecting it to be tough, that there are tough times to come, and your life will be difficult… When that is believed consciously or unconsciously and is present in you, that’s what is sent out. 

And then we can do our best, but then it is difficult to shine light on the dense matter of your thoughts. 

So, dear, dear, dear, dear people, 

we love being with you so much and we ask you 

to expect a miracle in your own life,

to expect a miracle every day, 

to see a miracle in nature,

 to experience a miracle in healing,

to experience a miracle in a new idea, 

to experience a miracle in your relationship,

to experience a miracle in a heart that opens,

to experience  a miracle in so many ways. 

Every day there are miracles and when you are open to miracles, those miracles can manifest themselves much more often.

Because then – let’s say – the fertile ground has been prepared to blossom. 

That’s our question:

Would you like to create a fertile ground by influencing the collective consciousness with your own consciousness, by being open to miracles, every day. And especially cooperate with the angels, for the angels are the miracle-bringers. They can work together with the lines in the universe, which plot the events that are brought into the world from the collective consciousness. 

So when you connect your light with the light of the angels and you create thoughts of miracles that come to you every day, even though you have no idea which and you let yourself be surprised and you open your heart, then those miracles will come to you in great numbers.

 And then this transformation phase will be a phase of light and wonder, rather than a phase of darkness, difficulty, inwardness and division. 

Share the wonders so that you feel the togetherness of the new light that is present on Earth, manifesting, becoming visible, 

because you expect nothing more than that.

Stand firm in expecting miracles and we will enjoy the wonders that will be visible in your world and throughout the world, together with you. 

And remind the children of their ability to experience those miracles every day. Because they are wizards, they still know how that works. So ask them to help you with that, for their innocent constitution and innocent mind and heart contribute. The sooner you ask, the more they can contribute to the miracles. 

Thank you.


AGAPE Universal Love

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