Question: How can we deal with hardening in ourselves and in our environment?

Let’s start with the good news. The good news is that children who come to earth at this time will be less and less capable of hardening.

Hardening is something that has been common in an older system lived by generations before you that often lives on in you. However, you have already transformed it or are in the process of transforming it. 

Children will no longer be able to harden so deeply, because they no longer have that part in their system. And when they do allow it and have it in them, it will transform faster in them  than in the previous generation. 

You could say that the generation before you can still pass away hardened, and dissolve that hardening in the hereafter, while in your generation the hardening is often dissolved more during life, often still through crises in any form.

The generation after you will do that in a playful way, not as ‘dramatic’ as we may call it. It will come almost naturally through the living conditions that change and the systems that change. Let’s say that the hardening in systems, which is naturally reflected in humanity, is no longer necessary at some point. 

You could say that the children become kind of fluent, so that they are no longer comprehensible to the systems. They just flow through it. Independent and only receptive to their own flow and to their own essence. At the moment this is not very visible. That’s because the children who flow through the system in this way are seen as difficult and unmanageable by many people in the system. Fortunately, there are many parents who already see these children and support them in their authenticity. 

When you are truly authentic, there will be no hardening. And that’s why so much hardening has occurred: because you weren’t allowed to be authentic. The upbringing and the systems ensured that you developed  armor and that you behaved and that you preferably also literally passed it on to your children. But that time has passed. 

When asked how you can deal with hardening in your environment, the answer is very simple: be authentic. And dare to be completely authentic if you know in yourself how to do that, especially in the environments where hardening occurs.

For by displaying that behavior, those who feel hardening within themselves will be triggered and thereby they have the choice to be triggered and stay in the hardening, which is their right, or some softness will enter into the cold armor of hardening. 

So we invite you to be as authentic as possible and not to adapt. When you are dealing with people in your environment, your family or loved ones around you where you still feel that hardening, just be love. Who cares? Be nice and different. Just as the children now show you how to do this, you can also do it in an environment where there is hardening. 

Do not adapt, because when you adapt you reconfirm that hardening that is still present somewhere in your system. That is what does not serve you. Of course you also have free choice to do it anyway, but know that if you feel that you want to release a few more layers, all you have to do is be authentic.

And you do that by checking in every moment, in silence: 

What do I want now? 

What does my body say? 

What does my heart say? 

What feels good now? 

And then you will notice that when your head answers from an old belief or an old loyalty, it will not make you feel good. Then you know that that is not your answer, but an answer from your system.

And when you feel joy and maybe a little bit of tension because you’re going to be so different from what’s expected of you, then you’re on the right track. 

And also look at others who are authentic and free. Look at their example, for their energy field is good for your energy field. You influence each other. 

Don’t spend too much time in environments that are paved. Be in environments that are fluid, flowing. And when you bring light in an environment where hardening occurs, always stay completely with yourself. A wonderful exercise to let your light flow even more clearly. 

So enjoy the moments when you encounter hardening, because there you can be the flower whose fragrance and color can be smelled and seen, so people can discover what really lives within itself. 

Share your authentic beauty in all forms.


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