Question: How can we make contact with a guide of the ancient peoples ourselves? Can we increase spiritual awareness on Earth by re-membering this wisdom?

It is often said that all wisdom is already within you. How exactly do you connect to it?

It is true that this ancient wisdom is present in your soul and it is also true that there are guides around you who can bring this wisdom to you, because these are often guides from ancient peoples.

And what’s great about spreading this knowledge more is that you connect with it. So what we want to propose to you is that you choose to connect much more consciously with the wise ancient peoples who have always connected themselves with their ancestors for this very reason. The ancestors were honored and the connection remained, because these wise ancestors already ended life wisely and by making the transformation into the greater field, they had even more wisdom. 

So connecting with a wise guide from the ancient peoples is a wise decision, because in the earthly dimension, in the density of the earth, you cannot always easily connect with all the knowledge from your soul. 

The bridge that makes this possible is your imagination. Sit in silence and connect with an old people that you feel attracted to, and then specifically one person that you imagine. Imagine that this person is sitting in front of you or next to you. And then you build that image and feed your imagination. So smell that person, know that person, feel that person. Be actually in one place with each other.

Then you start an exchange in a way that suits you. 

That could be telepathic,

that may be that you envision yourself speaking, 

may be speaking out loud,

you may write and receive the message, 

it may be put in your heart, 

it may be in the form of a healing…. 

And there are so many more possibilities: singing, dancing, making sounds, painting, drawing, making fire, making offerings… 

There are so many ways for you to internalize this through your current system to embody this again, so connect with your imagination. We would say ‘Milk it’. So make it so real, take everything out of it, live it completely, know what you want to know from these ancient peoples. So that you get your questions answered, but especially that you learn how to embody this wisdom into this life. 

What does that look like? How does that feel? Who are you then? Can you be the embodiment of an ancient people?

Can you bring that wisdom back to Earth? 

With rituals, connection to nature, power and healings from nature and energetic connections. There are so many possibilities. Together with the old peoples and with each other great shifts on Earth are envisionable, because the power of the old peoples is still there. 

So we invite you to take the time to do this and raise your awareness on how to work with these ancient peoples. 

We are grateful for this question because it is a very important way to make a difference on Earth at a time when it is much needed for humanity and nature.  

And when you freely embody these ancient peoples, it will bring much love, light and wisdom into the field of humanity. There’s a lot of gratitude from here for you.

AGAPE Universal Love

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