Question: Could you share your wisdom about possession and money on the new earth?

What is possession?
Is possession as a concept not purely related to fear of the personality or ego of man? It is created and it is nothing substantial.

If you asked ancient indigenous peoples what possession is, they would not understand what you mean. And on the new earth no one will understand what you mean when you ask what possession is. 

Imagine a world where that concept doesn’t exist. 

Nothing belongs to you, everything belongs to everyone. The concept of scarcity does not exist in that form, because everything is one. That deep trust and faith ensures that you know you are taken care of.

And because no one has a fear to live who he really is, everyone will make a unique contribution to this world. Every human will enjoy the talents and gifts of the other, honor and celebrate life, honor and celebrate all living beings and will work together with the guides from the unseen world, the elements, the natural beings. All is one. 

Mother earth is the Mother, the sun is the Father and you are the Child. You are taken care of. And the mind may return to peace and be present in the present moment.

Everything in the new world will be pure and real and everything will be made with love. 

Man will return to the way the animal world originally existed. 

Man will not take more than he needs, thus maintaining the balance. 

Perhaps it is a nice suggestion to imagine this and feel how true this is when you are attracted to this. And to decide by your own free will that you wish to live this way, that you start to live in the natural world with others who feel the same way. And there are many. 

Share the love, share the joy. Share the faith, the trust. 

And when there is no doubt in your mind about this, it will be created. 

So dare to choose this world and the world will be created by you. 


AGAPE Universal Love

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