Could you share your wisdom about the law of attraction and our frequency? How do they work together?

Imagine a magnet and a lot of paper clips in different colors. And imagine that you could aim that magnet or you wouldn’t aim it. You could say that when you go through life unfocused, unconsciously and you radiate a frequency, you can attract all paper clips during the day like that magnet. From the deepest difficult emotions to the great, beautiful, blessed emotions. Everything is possible. 

That is the beauty of being human on earth, that everything is possible for you. And that it is possible to make a choice within that what you wish, by setting an intention. And actually feel this intention. 

When you look at the magnet you could say that the frequency or feeling that the magnet radiates is literally which paperclip is attracted to the magnet. And each color has its own frequency. So you could say that when you consciously choose to feel joy, the paper clip with the color of joy will be attracted. 

However, intention is not enough. Because the magnet and the paper clip respond to the feeling you radiate. That’s your frequency. Just a thought is not enough. It is known that thoughts and emotions are linked. 

When you experience something intense, you have an immediate emotion. And that’s human, just like you see this reaction in children. But when you relive that intense emotion with your thoughts for a longer period of time, you continue to feel that emotion and it becomes a habit to feel that way. Then you keep attracting the paperclip color that matches that strong emotion. You do that with your thoughts. 

When you set an intention, for example for joy, it only works to actually attract the frequency of joy if you actually feel that joy in your system. You could say: ‘fake it until you make it’. 

You are able to influence your emotions, for example through an inner smile: by feeling it and practicing it. Or by thinking about someone or something that you love very much. Or by looking at nature, how something grows and blooms and how beautiful that is. Or to connect with an animal. 

That is why it is often said: go outside, go to nature. Because nature reflects hope, reflects growth, reflects a frequency of love, unconditional love, trust. 

So take a look at all those colored paper clips out there and know that you could see these as a stairway to heaven. From the lowest emotions to the highest emotions. From darker colors to lighter colors. 

And we understand that it is sometimes difficult to change immediately from a dark intense emotion towards the emotion of for example joy. So see how far you can climb those stairs so that you reach a state where you have made progress in positivity or in increasing frequency and color. 

So let’s say if you’re sad, see if you can get into a state where you feel love. Grief and love are linked, so think of someone you love, feel unconditional love. Then allow yourself that love to overflow your sorrow. Then you resonate on the frequency of love, attracting the paperclip with a higher frequency. In other words, you attract situations in your life where you will experience love again. People who will give you love or animals that come to you. People will say loving things to you out of nowhere. 

And so it is with anger through connecting to forgiveness.
And so it is with a feeling of emptiness and indefinability, by looking for contentment. What makes you feel satisfied? What do you enjoy, even if it is small? Look at what you have, appreciate it, feel gratitude. Gratitude, as you know, is one of the highest frequencies that heal.  

What also raises your frequency is to be present for others, it gives a feeling of usefulness, allowing you to share love, opening hearts. Don’t keep it to yourself, but connect with others. 

It is human to meet others, to be inspired. And another way to raise your frequency is to make sure you switch on your inner light that connects with your IAM power, with Source. Or putting on beautiful music, do a prayer, connect with the angels and your guardian angel, your guides, read a book that inspires you…. 

Come together with like-minded people, so that you feel the frequency raise intensely. Imagine being together with several magnets and then coming together in a frequency of joy and gratitude. Can you imagine how wonderful that would be? The greater your magnetic field, the greater the attraction. That’s why it’s so important to come together with so many, at that high frequency. That has such an impact on the world.

When the magnetic force of a large number of people is more focused on joy and gratitude, it has an enormous effect on the whole magnet of humanity. 

Perhaps with this example you will understand that this is so important. 

So look at the color and the frequency you want to attract. Make sure you choose to ‘be’ this and radiate it with your thoughts and emotions. And you will see that it has a tremendous effect in your life and for humanity.

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