What is the power of forgiveness? And how do we forgive?

Forgiveness is like the flowers that grow on barren ground. 

Forgiveness is like oxygen when you run out of breath. 

Forgiveness is love in your deepest moment of despair. 

Forgiveness is the plaster on wounds that heals you. 

Forgiveness is the plaster and guilt is the wound, a wound that can become inflamed and proliferate because it is not lovingly cared for, but is even constantly ported in, so that it cannot heal. 

The poking is done by thoughts of guilt and shame. 

Often this is about yourself and often this is about the other person. It might be interesting to see what your way is. Maybe you blame yourself in situations or feel guilty quickly. In that case, you’re the martyr who chastises him/herself over and over. 

When you find that someone else is always doing something to you, and thus you blame the other for your discomfort or pain, you are a victim of what the other person is doing to you and you are never in control of your life. 

And what is forgiveness? Forgiveness is love. 

Love in a bath of courage to acknowledge the pain of something that has made a wound in you, in your heart. To cherish and embrace that wound through the resistance. And to treat that deep wound very gently with love. 

By understanding that every human being is essentially light, both you and the other. And that you have all come here to gain experience. In the light and in the shadow, in full love and in the deepest pain and everything in between. That those experiences are there to move from fear to love, from martyr to hedonist. From the victim to the mother or father who has the strength to take care of him/herself and all the children around him/her. With enough for all, as a solid base. 

The person who enjoys life, who overflows with joy, light, love and enthusiasm, making the life force visible to everyone.

And when there is shame for that for which you need forgiveness, know that you need courage to step back into your own power. You are an example for the other person, because you do not allow yourself to be swallowed up by shame, but take responsibility. 

And know that shame and guilt essentially cannot exist if you are light. 

So you see yourself and the other as that divine light that they are. Wrapped in a human shell, a physical body with thoughts and behavior that ensure that what you wish to experience is experienced. 

When you can see the light and feel the love deeply and unconditionally for yourself and the other, you forgive. Because you transcend the guilt and the shame and the accusations. Because you understand that the other is essentially doing that to give you the experiences you desire to learn.

All those experiences for yourself and for the other exist so that your soul can grow. 

When you can bow your head to life, bow again and again; when you can accept that life is for you and everything you experience exists to transform into love, you will become more and more liberated and live your authentic self. Liberated and in joy. 

Forgiveness is the work you can do here on Earth. Toiling, in shame, guilt and fear, or enlighten, by placing yourself above the picture of pain, stepping into love and being oxygen. By being the plaster, by being the flower, where it is most needed. 

And know that guilt and shame do not exist in the world of light, because they are only experiences. The intent is to experience and to grow. 

When you take guilt and shame out of the equation,it is possible to open yourself to forgiveness. 

We wish you a beautiful plaster that heals the wound naturally with love, with light, so that you have a healed heart full of love, which can give unconditional love to yourself and the others in this world, wherever it is needed most. 

Thank you.

AGAPE Universal Love

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