Question: Can you share your wisdom about the power of gratitude

Have you ever wondered when you feel gratitude, what it feels like and what happens in your body? As if a smile arises in your heart, as if your heart is growing, as if you are connected to the world around you and as if you are completely in the NOW. 

It’s a magical state. It is a state of a high frequency in which you are the magnet for all the beautiful things that come your way resonating at that frequency. It is a BEING state and not a DOING state. 

As a child, you often learn to say ‘thank you’ from a state of DOING. You are taught to say ‘thank you’ at times when you think: ‘Why should I say ‘thank you’ now?’ And with that comes incongruity in what gratitude is to you. 

However gradually you become more aware of what it feels like to be grateful and you learn that it is one of the most lovingly connected states known to man. 

Often it starts with a gratitude for something outside of you or for someone outside of you and you feel love for that person. It’s like a beautiful cement where you are attracted to each other, in whatever form. 

It can mean that you are grateful for someone in your life or for someone you meet for two minutes. 

The special thing is that when you are grateful for someone in your life you can also feel it in general or in a specific moment. In the specific moment it is a true feeling, with a physical reaction in your body. Those are the magical moments. In that state of gratitude you make a jump in frequency, so that you rise above that which may hinder you from feeling free. You rise, as it were, from the everyday, you are liberated and you feel connected to Source, without knowing what that is. You are connected to Life.

It is often said that gratitude is the key to transformation. And that’s true. However, you can’t fake it. You can become more aware of it. 

When you are more aware of the moments that life touches you and you actually take the time to feel what you feel in that moment, you give yourself the opportunity to grow. 

When you immediately continue with your to-do list or what you see as an obstacle, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to grow. 

By being in silence, 

by taking a moment of reflection in your own special way, 

by stepping out of everyday life, 

by walking, by listening to music when you are fully present, 

your heart opens to gratitude,

your heart opens to allow connection with a bird, with the scent of a flower or with the smile of someone you meet on the street to enter your heart as gratitude. 

Gratitude makes the world shine in all colors.

And when you feel gratitude for another person, that other person feels love. 

You lift each other up.

Gratitude is the key to a better world, starting with you. 

What are you grateful for?

Are you aware that there is something present in your life for which you are grateful? 

Or do you live in the past or the future? 

Are you present now? 

Do you take the time to be here?

It sounds so simple and it is such a great gift.

Be still a few times a day and lay your hands on your heart to realize what you are grateful for. Really feel this and send it to the person or the thing where you feel that gratitude for. Then you will experience that gratitude gradually comes from within. 

A gratitude for Life.
And those experiences will make you overflow with gratitude, just like that, out of nowhere.

If every person on earth would do that, 

there would be love in no time, 

wars would disappear,

children would be able to live in joy all over the earth again,

people would start sharing and see each other in full confidence, without fear, and no longer in need to compensate for their own shortage. 

There would be a foundation of love and trust,

a connection with Life, 

and in the heart of every human being would flow love from a higher Source. 

In this way each person will be able to see the other as a wonderful gift, 

to see every living being as a wonderful gift. 

In gratitude the ultimate peace on earth arises.

So take your time and enjoy everything you are grateful for and feel those moments of gratitude increase intensely in your heart. Feel how you touch the world this way.


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