Question: Could you share how we can sympathize more instead of suffering with a loved one?

Humans are equipped with something wonderful, something unique: mirror neurons. That means you can feel another person’s emotion in yourself as well. 

That is the ultimate connection through which people recognize each other. In this way people recognize themselves in others and vice versa, so that understanding and love can arise. 

However, mirror neurons may create emotions that are so real in yourself that it seems as if you have become the other person in emotion. Then there are no boundaries between you and the other. Then you are the other and the other is you. A wonderful thing in itself, but not when it means you suffer. 

Think of those mirror neurons as mirrors within an empty container, where the mirrors reflect emotions from someone else. Then that container fills itself with that emotions and it ‘becomes’ the emotions. 

However, when that container is filled with light and love, it is not possible for that emotion to fill the entire container. In fact, it is possible for the light and love to flow to that which is mirrored. Then it is embraced in love and light. 

So what does it take to feel compassion instead of suffering with someone? You as a human being needs to be aware that you first fill your own source completely. That requires awareness. That means you are aware whether you feed yourself with the light from your source and from the great Source, so that you are connected to your IAM power: the divine spark within you.

It means that you consciously turn on that spark, that you are aware of that great light within you, that you are completely filled with that light and that light is flowing through you. 

When you look at Jesus, you see that it works that way. 

When he comforted or healed others, it was because the light flowed completely through him from the highest Source. 

He had compassion. It was compassion that healed, 

Compassion means a heart that is completely open to receive the love, the light and the healing through you. By first filling yourself and then passing it on. 

So be aware how you can fill your well by meditating,

by constantly paying attention to where your attention is. 

Is your attention completely outside of you or is your attention with you and your IAM first? 

Or do you forget yourself and is your attention outside of yourself, leaving your container empty and being the mirror that only reflects without carrying light yourself? 

Be the light. Do your work to amplify the light within you. By doing so you give yourself a great gift. You feel, know and experience that you are the light, that you are love and that you are compassion. With that you heal this world. 

As an example, you are a leader who sympathizes and sends the light to the other, so that the other may find a way to turn on their own light.


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