Q: Could you share with us how we can activate our healing power? 

We would like to give you a metaphor for this question. 

In essence, every person is complete. Then you would say that a healing power would not be necessary. And yet we all know that healing power restores the light in us. 

You could see a human being as the moon. The moon is always full, ‘whole’ as a planet. However, as humans we see the moon differently, depending on how the sun shines on the moon. Sometimes you hardly see the moon and you call it the new moon and sometimes you see it completely and you call it full moon. 

So it is with humans. Using the healing power means letting the light shine completely through everything. Not that it wasn’t whole before that, but because the light can’t reach everything, it doesn’t seem whole. 

How you can use your healing power even more is by literally being a channel for the light to pass through. And it is sometimes said that you do this by getting out of the way yourself. Who is that self? It’s the thoughts, it’s the clouds. 

So in this metaphor we could say that the sun always shines. And the moon is already ‘whole’. 

What you can do is to make sure that no clouds float by or stand still, preventing the sun from shining on the moon. 

When the night is cloudy, you do not see the moon and you don’t see the light of the sun that shines on the moon. Those clouds are thoughts, patterns that keep you from using the healing power. 

So what you can do to increase your healing power is to train yourself to be in a state of nothingness – stillness – where you let the clouds go by without actually seeing them or seeing what’s inside. It is a meditative position in which you tune into your heart. Out of your head, into your heart. Where you feel your body consciously and then invite the light of the sun to shine in you.

And then you can see yourself as a channel, as an antenna between heaven and earth. 

Then invite the light of your soul, the light of Source to flow completely through you. Through all your cells, but also through your entire field, further into the earth. And feel that there is nothing holding back that light. Feel that you are that full moon, through which all light and all love can shine. 

Then you stand in your healing power. And by practicing this a lot, that power gets stronger and stronger. Then you will be able to heal with your hands, heal with your eyes, heal with your words, heal with your embrace, heal with your being. 

When you stand in that power, like a full moon, everything in you is naturally healed without having to look at what needs to be healed. 

For the light appears in the dark and the dark dissolves. 

And it is possible to stay in this state for extended periods of time. By practicing. By letting your thoughts pass like clouds over and over, until you see a blue sky or a nightly blue sky. 

And first you do that in silence, tuned in, maybe sitting, but you will find out that you can be a walking healing force. That you can be a healing force all day long to live fully attuned, because the sun can always flow completely through you at that moment. And the sun is the light of Source and your own soul, your own I AM power.

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