Question: Some people feel fear of the unseen world because of stories of wandering souls. What message would you like to share with them?

As above, so below. Have you ever seen wandering souls on Earth? People who can’t find the way back to their own light? There are many. You don’t have to be afraid of everything. In fact, they need your light to return to their own light.

And so it is with those who passed away. Some of them have the desire to experience what it is like to find the light when they have passed on. Which puts them first in a circumstance where they don’t fully believe they’re in the light yet. It’s a matter of belief. There may be a belief that the light does not exist, and that belief may be so real that the light is not visible either. Even then, these people in their light form need the light of others in order to find the light in themselves again and to find the light of Source again. 

Know that there are many souls in the spiritual world who have the task of sheltering these souls and letting them feel the light at their own moment. At the moment that suits their soul. All with so much love and so much light. 

You don’t have to worry about them, for they are being taken care of.

In addition, it may be that a sensitive person on earth has something to learn about standing in your own power, learning how to magnify your own light so that you can express your boundaries and stand in your own light. 

Just as someone on earth can hurt you or teach you a lesson, so it can also be that there is a soul that is on the other side and wants to teach you a lesson, because you have agreed to it, because you have to learn that you have to stand in your own light and bring the other into the light with your light. 

You point the way to the light of the soul of that person, that being and the light of Source. Then both of you can experience a lesson that you would like to experience. Those who experience that – and there are not that many on Earth in proportion – will find that they need it because they have a very powerful standing in their light, because they help humanity and also help those who are dealing with darkness. When the dark is very dark, a lot of light is also needed. 

So the aim is to strengthen you when you have such an experience and help each other. 

Get help from someone who has already experienced this.

Someone who can amplify the light for you and who can explain how to make a light bridge, so that they too can go to the light.

Imagine that worlds are essentially one and that the worlds are mirrored. You can experience lessons with someone on Earth and someone in Heaven if that is the intention from your soul, from the soul of the other and if you have agreed that together. 

So know that in essence you never have to be afraid because everything’s meant to be. Everything that is difficult for you is meant to empower you even more. 

You are never alone. So ask your guardian angel for help, because he or she gives you light. Ask your guides for help, as they will bring the light and inspiration you need. And ask for help from your fellow man who knows these experiences and can show you how to deal with them. 

You are never alone, you are always taken care of.

AGAPE Universal Love

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