What does a relationship with a partner look like on the new earth? 

On the new earth, where you are already as soon as you choose it, universal love exists.
A love that is not personal and at the same time so fulfilling.

It is the love you feel when you are connected to the source.

It is the love you can feel in being in love. 

It is the love you can feel unconditionally with an animal.

It is the love you can feel when heaven and earth touch, at the birth of a child or the passing of a loved one.

It is a love that has a much further expansion than the love as it is known on Earth. 

It is a love that can be mirrored by many faces and does not have to be found in 1 person. 

It is the love that exists in the moment itself, without the need for attachment.

It is a love that you share with a human being for a shorter or longer period of time, where freedom is central and no one belongs to anyone. 

Some people are together for life and others are never connected to 1 person and share the love over and over again, in the moment. With those with whom it feels that way at that moment. 

Universal love can be received. 

Universal love has many colors. 

Above all, it is the love that can arise because every person on the new earth is filled with love. Love from the Source, love from the soul and a heart filled with self-love, whereby each person is radiant with love and a love from the other is complementary and does not fill anything.

It is a synchronicity in which something greater can exist. Something that deepens, something that gives great joy. It is not necessary and yet so beautiful. It is tasting, smelling, feeling, experiencing life because you share that love with each other. 

Likewise, the children are not from 1 mother or 1 father. The children are from their own. And they are cared for as they take care of others. 

Every human being is complete, unique, fulfilled and shares.

From your soul you can choose what your love relationships look like. 

What is your wish? All shapes and all colors are exactly as they are intended. And the wealth that is experienced with it is so much greater than the limited vision that still lives on earth. Open up. Let go of the frames and limitations, the images you know. 

And let yourself be surprised when you choose to live from the new earth. 

Your ideas about love may experience an even greater expansion, opening up fields to truly experience new colors of love.

All colors become deeper, more brilliant, more radiant.
And so you become more and more beautiful, more radiant, more joyful.


The answer reminds me of certain communities where everything is and was shared, including the education of the children. Beautiful.

In the communities of the new earth it is important that the role of the personality no longer plays a role on stage, because then pain would always arise. 

That is why you now live in a  time when the shadows become visible, shadows may come into the light. To see them, to acknowledge them, to live them and to let the light shine on them within yourself, so that in the end the light shines completely in you and you are complete. 

And then you meet others in a form, in a community, a love. 

And then there is purity and unconditional universal love.

AGAPE Universal Love

Om ons allemaal heen bevindt zich een veld van universele liefde, waar onze gidsen wijze woorden influisteren en helende energie pulseert. Met onze channelings, prayers en meditaties willen we zoveel mogelijk mensen bekrachtigen in nog meer bewustzijn, liefde en gezondheid.

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