Question: When I walk down the street and look people in the eye it sometimes seems like I have more casual encounters where I experience a sense of recognition. Are there more soul mates on Earth than usual? Or do we connect more quickly with soul mates?

Could it be that you are getting closer to unity? 

And that in that unity you meet the one? 

When you are so open you can see a glimpse of the divine through the other. 

That is a recognition and it feels like a soul mate. 

One day everyone will be soul mates. 

One day everyone will be one again.

And yes, more and more recognition is coming. And yes, there are many who find each other. 

Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be personal because it IS.

It is the frequency at which you meet and sometimes there is indeed a soul connection because you have agreed to experience something with each other.

The great thing is that the higher the frequency of humanity becomes, or shall we say, the higher the frequency of some of the people we have just spoken to, the better they will recognize each other.

 You may have been recognized by someone. And maybe you thought: ‘ How does that person see my light? How is that possible?’ 

You now know yourself that you can also recognize the light in the other and really see the other for who he or she is. 

That is the new earth, the new world.

Welcome home.

AGAPE Universal Love

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