Question: How can we feel at peace during this time? Many people feel agitation due to the increased energy.

Have you noticed when you watch a very old movie, that it goes so slowly compared to the movies of today? That is a metaphorical representation of how the acceleration is with the energy in and around you.

 Life now has actually sped up. It has actually intensified. You actually interact with so many more dimensions… On Earth you are with those who are physically around you AND the whole world. Information is everywhere. It is almost impossible to imagine the difference in the input of information that you receive.

And why? That’s because the Earth is moving to a higher frequency, making it more accessible. 

You could say that ascension is also about coming to an increased speed, making manifestations possible much faster, which means that intentions are followed up much more quickly. That’s the positive thing about it.

At the same time you will notice that when you still live according to the old world,, it gives you a rushed feeling. 

When you still live in to-do lists, when you still live in what you have to achieve in a certain time, when you feel that you have to comply with everything and therefore actually live from the outside in, then there will be a clash with the way you should actually live. 

This is when the energy is at the frequency it is now. With this higher frequency comes pure attunement, with yourself first. And to check from the inside out what is meant for you now. That which does not fit the new world transforms. 

Then the way you work often remains tied to the old way. But that isn’t possible anymore. And what you need for that is courage. Because it means that you are no longer predictable in what you deliver or finish or how attentive you are. But you have to follow your inner flow. This means you occasionally need peace and space, precisely because the frequency is increasing.

The body needs time to adapt. Your head needs space to receive inspiration about how to live in this new world. 

But when you don’t have room for that, you trot on. That doesn’t feel good. That’s not good for your physical body and it’s not good for your emotional body either. It makes you sometimes out of balance and you feel it. You are not in your power. You may become frustrated, angry or sad for nothing. And you don’t quite understand what’s going on. 

There isn’t one thing which is the cause. It’s because you’re actually living in the wrong time. You are still living with a system from the past. 

So how do you survive this time?
By taking the time in the morning to check in with yourself first.

Dear body, what do you need now? What feels good to you? And then when you know what’s good for you you do it and when you have things to do in a day, check where you feel joy.

What fits you? That is right. Don’t do so many things against your will, but do them at the right time, making it feel natural, calm and nice. You will notice that you have to make your appointments more flexible as a result. 

It would be better to say: ‘somewhere in those days’ or to feel what the right time is. You have become much more sensitive to the position of the moon and the stars. That is a good thing. You have become much more natural. Your body is no longer overruled so much by the mind that decides. 

And it has been necessary. If you look at the wars that have been there humans had to recover again. And recovering required a certain discipline, a kind of framework that made people feel safe again and had the feeling that there was control again. But that time is over. 

We know that these are also uncertain times, but now the control must come from your body, from the tranquility of your mind and your heart to receive the inspiration of how you can do things differently. That is what we would like to give you. The new way of living and working is always tuning in. Again and again your gut feeling, again and again your heart, again and again that inspiration and act on it. We hope you have the courage and strength to be honest about it, to have self love and with that also dare to be clear to others that this is your new way of working. And when you fully believe and know that it is your way, through your example others will also be able to feel within themselves that there is a new way of being in this day and age. 


AGAPE Universal Love

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