The new year 2023, put in full light.

A year in which the light increases, the love increases, making it possible for even more shadow to emerge from the dark. 

A year of transformation, a year of transmutation. 

A year in which each of you grows, because there is no other way. 

Those who are still sleeping  will be kissed awake, for it is no longer time for afternoon naps. It’s time to be awake, to be present. 

Because in that presence you go with the flow of life, hear the whispers of your soul and move with the flow. In surrender, in full confidence. 

And you will see that the obstacles you encounter along the way flow naturally and disappear in that flow, because you accept that they are there. Without resistance. 

You take them on your way and in the flow they too can transform into the energy that emerges. 

The blossoms that open…

It is a year of intense awakening and a year of being awake. 

We invite you to be awake so that you do not resist. For resistance holds back and as you know all is well, you have complete free will and at the same time we can give a message that helps you to stay in the flow. 

That is by being in the NOW. 

You will find that being in the past or in the future becomes increasingly ineffective as time changes. 

So it can be confusing if you are in the future or in the past because now it is not as it was. 

The transformations take place in the now, so when you are present everything goes by itself, while when you still remain in the past you do not change with the flow that automatically makes that possible. Then it feels like work. Then it feels like you have to do your best. 

We would like to give thismessage to you: ‘Don’t do your best anymore’. Don’t plan what it should look like anymore. Visualize your dream, agree with it, set your intention and let go, trust. Always come back to the ‘now’, in this moment. What are you feeling now? What are you experiencing now? Be present in love. Be present in the light of who you are.

In that presence there is healing, 

there is love, 

there is connection,

there is  trust. 

Everything is there to make you feel safe, 

to make you grow just the way you’re supposed to, 

while making it easy on yourself. 

Connect with us, your guides, you angels, masters of light, the Sisterhood – and Brotherhood of Light, all creatures of nature…. 

We are all here for you.

And we are grateful if we create the new earth together in this connection.

It is eager to show itself. 

And you are the first inhabitants. 

Not because you create a whole new earth and leave the old one behind all at once, but because the new earth is being created now you are there. 

You will know, you will feel it.
Because it feels like home, it feels like heaven on earth. 

And you will find that when it gets  tough you are being carried. 

By angels on Earth, 

by signs, 

by someone reaching a hand. 

You will find that everything that is difficult becomes more bearable. Because there is so much help, so much more than you have ever known and in so many forms. 

So we look forward to this new year of wonder, wonder and presence. 

Stand in your radiant self, your IAM power and enjoy what life and flow bring you in all shapes and all colors. 

And we are with you.


AGAPE Universal Love

Om ons allemaal heen bevindt zich een veld van universele liefde, waar onze gidsen wijze woorden influisteren en helende energie pulseert. Met onze channelings, prayers en meditaties willen we zoveel mogelijk mensen bekrachtigen in nog meer bewustzijn, liefde en gezondheid.

Regelmatig organiseren we een live channeling in Zoom, waar ruimte is voor persoonlijke vragen. Daarnaast organiseren we live channelings en prayers via Zoom en werken we aan online pakketten en programma’s (journey’s) om dieper in te zoomen op specifieke thema’s en groepen lichtwezens. Bekijk het actuele aanbod.