Can you share your wisdom about loneliness? What message would you like to share with someone who feels lonely? 

Know that people are not meant to be lonely in the sense of being alone.

It is a difficult time in which people in the west have been so used to boxes, houses, in separation. As a result, it is no longer natural to live in a community with each other. 

The solution is to live that way again, together. 

And if that is not physically possible yet, it is important that there are a few people in your life with whom you can have that feeling. This can also be done online and it can even be done in your mind. 

We know distances are sometimes far or agendas too full, but the mere intention to be present with each other can make so much difference. 

By sending a message. 

Just ‘I see you, I’m with you’. 

It can be a small gesture.

If you know that someone in your area is often alone and lonely, see what small gesture you can do to reach them.

We know that you are never alone, but when you are alone it is not always easy to feel the connection with the loved ones on the other side and your guides and angels. 

Because no self-love has been taught or lived, it is difficult to be alone and not also be lonely. When there would be enough self love the loneliness would dissolve by itself, because then you are one with yourself. 

That matters. 

Then you don’t feel alone. 

Then you feel one. 

One with all, one with everything around you. 

And you know you’re connected to others, even if you are not together. 

The most important thing remains that those who do feel lonely are included in a community. 

We are happy to share that with you, so that you understand that this is the new earth in practice. And that gradually all those walls that were created at the moment that separation took place will break down. 

The moment when there was a separation between rich and poor, 

the moment when there was no more balance and no harmony. 

The moment when people stopped seeing each other. 

It’s time to return to: “I am another you. I see you. And we are part of the community in which we live.’

AGAPE Universal Love

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