I was wondering if there is a message from the energy of Jesus at this moment for humankind on earth? 

Dear ones.

Wouldn’t it be the utterform of healing, if every human on earth would feel how it is to have the compassionate heart of Jesus. 

A heart so open wide, so wide open, that it can contain every person on earth and hold space for everyone’s grief, troubles, pain, loneliness, the feeling of separation, not knowing where to go to. and all the feelings of despair and hate. 

And imagine that every human being is now sitting with Jesus. So not Jesus with all people, but every person with Jesus, alone. 

And imagine that Jesus is now sitting with you, really. That his heart is totally open and holding space for everything in your heart that has given you grief in one way or the other, in the past and right now. 

And know that when you are imagining that you are sitting with Jesus now, that you will actually be with his compassionate heart, which will heal your wounds with love. 

You don’t need to know or go back to the origin of them, you just be with every emotion in your heart. 

Jesus welcomes them as children, letting them feel that they can be there, because they are important to be felt. Once they are felt, they can transmute to love. 

And feel in this field of Jesus how you are forgiven by yourself, since there was no guilt in the first place. Know that all is well. All is well. 

And in this field of love and acceptance, you will feel the healing. Then you can feel how your heart opens wide. You feel how love is overflowing in your own heart. 

And you can feel that it’s possible for you to have this compassionate heart, just as Jesus. 

And that you are able to sit with someone with your compassionate heart and that they feel your infinite love. 

Within that holding space of love they can transmute their grief, pain, disappointment, loneliness into love. Just as you did. And then this person will be able to sit with someone else, with a heart full of love, creating and holding space for the grief, disappointment and loneliness of that person. 

And so on. 

The compassionate hearts will be the healing transition of this earth, of humankind. 

So, be in your own Jesus consciousness, the christ consciousness, and feel your own healing and the healing of others. 

We are there, holding space for all of you in the field of infinite love.