Be still and know: ‘I AM’

“Dear one! It’s a fantastic, turbulent time, don’t you think?

So much is happening in everyone’s life, with a speed that you previously thought impossible. Shifts are being made so quickly, changes are taking place and so much is coming to light.

We are sure that you feel that way too. That’s why we invite you to take the time to occasionally sit in silence with us. Just to be in silence, so there is an opening for us to communicate with you.

We know it works when you listen to certain texts or a meditation and we also know that sometimes you are just present. Walking, sitting in silence, perhaps when you are cooking… Moments when you are in a state where your mind can take a step back.

When you consciously choose this, we can be with you more often. When you notice that your thoughts are tumbling over each other while you are busy it might be beautiful if you hear these words:

Be still and know: I AM.

And then experience your ‘I am’ power, your light at the center of your body, your presence on this earth, with your feet firmly on the ground, while knowing that the light – the cosmic light, the universal light, the highest healing light – can always flow through you.

And because you are aware of that, it can flow even stronger than it normally can.

Because you open the gate, it’s even easier to allow this highest light to be accessible and flow through all your bodies. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

And that is healing, empowering and strengthens you.

Moreover, it gives you a lot of mental and emotional peace. And that is something many of you could use at the moment. Just that peace, just that silence and above all just the universal love bomb of golden light, so you are again in your ‘I am’. At home with me, connected.

Connected with life, connected with myself: my highest self. Connected with my surroundings, present. Present in the here and now.

That is a magical power to be in.

We invite you to do this regularly.

Be still and know: ‘I AM’.