What can we do for young adults and children at this moment? 

“The most important thing to do is to give them your awareness, in order for them to learn to be in their own awareness. 

Most young adults have been brought up in a world so much outside themselves, always with their attention towards others, social media, school, friends and always relating others towards themselves. 

They have forgotten to check in first with their own higher self, with their own soul, with who they truly are.

A lot of them have no idea. 

So the most beautiful thing that we and you can do for them, is to bring them back towards their own truth. 

To remember them to go inside for every choice they make and to be in silence for a moment, to think of someone or an animal that they truly love. 

When they are in their heart, ask them what gives them joy, ask them what gives them hope or ask them ‘what would love do?’

And be aware – are there any doubts within them? Doubts because of what others would think of them for example. 

And just be aware that these thoughts – just to be conscious – that those thoughts take you away from your own true power. 

Know that those thoughts are not the truth.

So you could see a younger person as a flexible reed. Whenever they bend it is because they are too much in their heads, bending over to others. 

And whenever they are more connected towards their heart, towards their belly, and are more grounded, they stand up more straight, with their attention towards themselves – knowing who they are – and not so much influenced by the world around them. 

And by following their own path, in their own truth, their authenticity will be an example for 

others, because they will recognize too that there is peace, that the restlessness is gone and that the feelings are far more from higher frequencies. 

So awareness is the key. The awareness of how you can be able to be with yourself, to make your own choices and the awareness of the possibly undermining thoughts that you get when you are choosing for yourself. 

Acknowledge them and ignore them.

This is the path towards the new world, not only for the younger ones but for everyone.”