Connection during channelings

Could you share your wisdom about the connection during the channelings? With whom is Yvette connected and how exactly does this connection work?

“We would like you to imagine that all dimensions are here at the same time, that heaven and earth are one. That there is no distance between stars, planets, people, and the earth when you are connected in consciousness. Consciousness has nothing to do with time or place.

So, imagine that everything is present around and within you. And when you expand your consciousness, you can connect with whatever you wish to connect with.

There is an energy between everything that is alive in the universe, and that is love. Everything is held together by love. It’s what you call God. And you are also a part of it. So, in the field of love, everything exists. In that field, you connect with your soul, with your guides, angels, and light beings. They are all part of the field of love.

So, when you connect with the field of universal love, it’s your connection from your heart to your soul, the field of love.

You open yourself to inspiration from guides, but also to the wisdom of your own soul. And the message that comes through is the message of love. It wants to be heard by the people who listen to or read these messages.

You could say that this is tailor-made, as we already know who will listen to and read these messages.

It’s a field of love that is interconnected, of which you all are a part. It’s like music, being in love, and you as a dancer to that music. That is the field of love. You hear the music of love, the words of love, the wisdom, and your heart will recognize it. Your soul will recognize it and it will probably give you a feeling of truth, a feeling of innocence, of love, of peace.

It’s the field that makes your heart beat faster, it is life itself in all its forms.

And when you tune into love, you will receive the frequency of love. In that field, you will connect with the energy that has the right words for you. It is all one and it is all connected. You are it all, since it is all one.

Isn’t it wonderful that your soul is connected with all souls and with the soul of the Source? And that the light of God shines through everyone and everything. The less resistance, the more light.

The connection with this field of universal love brings you light, brings light into your system, brings light into your heart, and will bring light into the world through you. Thank you for being here and connecting with the beautiful field of love, of which you are a part.

And enjoy it. Enjoy your own connection with this field that you feel in your heart, in your soul. Enjoy the freedom in this connection and the love for yourself and others.”