Feminine principle

We notice that the feminine principle is leading us into a new era. Can you share more about this? How can we embody this feminine principle as both women and men?

Let’s start by stating that the ultimate balance is the equilibrium between the masculine and feminine in every person.

Not only in every person, but in all systems conceived, created, by humans, this balance could ideally be present.

Imagine a classic scale, where if you put something on one side, it tilts to that side, and if you put something equally heavy on the other side, the balance is equal.

Similarly, you can envision the masculine and feminine in every person being in balance.

Then there is peace, then there is strength, then there is love, then there is connection with your higher Self, then there is flow.

Looking at the culture you live in at the moment, you could indeed say that the scale has tipped towards masculine power. Qualities have been attributed to masculine power that are seen as more important than certain qualities attributed to the feminine side. Therefore, it’s logical that when this example is lived by parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, and children, they will follow suit.

This leads to a society that has placed too much value on masculine qualities, the rational qualities. These are rewarded, and what is rewarded grows.

It also has to do with awareness to discover what exactly those feminine qualities are that will bring the scale back into balance. And those feminine qualities – that feminine principle – that’s what your question is about.

It is important to bring the scale back into balance by having a completely different mindset in life.

From the feminine side, this means from feeling, from the water, in other words, the emotional aspect. Where you feel that when emotions are in balance, not because they are suppressed, but because they are allowed to be, experienced, and then healed. You will notice that when not so much is suppressed, much more will naturally flow in life.

The feminine also means following the natural flow, not so much the time set by humans, but following the natural time. So, the time of the seasons, the rhythm, based on the forces of the universe.

This means that humans may listen more intuitively to what is natural at that moment. Not overruling with the mind, with to-do lists, or performance orientation, or meeting expectations, but listening to what the body indicates, listening to where the natural movement goes. Where your feet are led, instead of letting your head lead.

These are subtle changes when the feminine is lived more. And you could say that when you want to achieve balance, the wise inner child of innocence should also be given space to discover, out of curiosity, instead of from the ‘I know it all’.

The feminine contemplates. The feminine adds the wisdom from the soul, from the universal experiences connected to the soul, so that you, as it were, transcend the personal and look more at the bigger picture. How can something always serve the greater whole?

You could say that the feminine principle is more serving. Serving the greater whole, serving the natural form, serving love, serving lightness, connection.

You could also see in it the maternal principle, where a mother always wants the best for the child, while the child is allowed to develop fully as intended.

And that is another important aspect here, that each person may truly be who he or she is, without being judged, at most advised with wisdom, where the other feels there is freedom to listen and act or not.

In short: the feminine principle brings back wisdom, sensitivity, alignment with the soul and the greater whole, living with the seasons, awareness of the sun, the moon, the earth, and the other stars under whose influence you stand, and moreover, the unseen guides, the angels, and so many more light beings than you can imagine.

It is connecting with the ancient wisdom that already lives within you and by being in silence, you can receive it. From the feminine principle, there is more Yin power than Yang power, and in the Yin power, you find in the silence, when the water is calm, that wisdom within yourself.

All answers lie within yourself, in connection with your lower chakras, where you feel what is right and what is not.

And know that when you honor these feminine principles again in your society, honor in every person, the children will also follow this and understand the naturalness of it, so they will feel more seen than at this moment.

Because the balance is not in equilibrium, so many children no longer fit into the systems. They are set up from an old system, where the masculine principle predominated. At a time, this certainly served a purpose, but at this moment, it is time for these feminine principles to see the light on a much larger scale than is already seen.

And moreover, we know that many of you, certainly those listening, already practice this as a tool.

It is mainly an encouragement to lead by example, because in leading by example, you are the greatest role model.

The greatest influence comes from within, by leading by example and not so much by the words you speak.

Thank you. And lead humanity into the new era of balance, harmony, peace, love, and light.